Why Kaia Gerber Needs To Reboot 'House Of Style'

by Marc Cuenco

I'm pretty sure that the term "the apple didn't fall far from the tree" is a phrase that Kaia Gerber is pretty tired of hearing by now. Ever since the up-and-coming model burst onto the scene, she's been compared to her supermodel mother nonstop. At the same time, seeing Kaia Gerber and her mom Cindy Crawford cover Vogue Paris certainly makes it hard not to see the resemblance and make another one of those mother/daughter comparisons. But here's one that I have a feeling neither of them has heard before: Gerber should host MTV's House of Style.

I previously wrote about why House of Style is a flawless TV show, which I still stand behind. It took fashion TV to a whole new level, giving viewers an inside peek into the world of couture and catwalks, while also not taking itself too seriously. Perhaps the best reason to watch the iconic MTV program was Crawford herself, who hosted for six years before handing over the mic to fellow supermodels like Rebecca Romijn and Molly Sims. House of Style never felt quite the same after Crawford left, but it was especially hard to watch when MTV tried to revive it with rapper Iggy Azalea as the host in 2014.

I think it's time for MTV to consider Kaia Gerber to reboot the show for a new generation of fashionistas.

But first, here are some examples of how Crawford's daughter is more than ready to take over House of Style and continue her mom's legacy.

1. Her High Fashion Cred

At just 14 years old, Gerber's already landed a campaign for Alexander Wang and it sure won't be her last.

2. She's A DIY Gal

A major component of the original House of Style was dedicated to arts and crafts with designer Todd Oldham. The above pic proves that Gerber's got this part down.

3. Her Pop Culture Knowledge

Anyone who's in with Taylor Swift's squad could certainly handle a few celeb interviews for the show.

4. She's Not Afraid To Get Silly

Just like her mom did back in the '90s, Gerber will bring some goofy self-awareness to the show that viewers will relate to.

5. Kaia Looks Up To Her Mom

Who better to show her the ropes than America's favorite supermodel?

6. Like, Really Looks Up To Her

She's ready for this.

7. Last But Not Least, Cindy's Got Her Back

Better yet, they should just co-host the show and make House of Style must-see-TV once again.

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