How To Stream March Madness Online

by Amée LaTour

It's March Madness time again: 68 NCAA Division college basketball teams prepare to play 67 games through the end of March and beginning of April. Fans of college basketball are filling out their brackets and itching to catch the action, but for those without a cable subscription, it won't be as easy to watch the games. Most of the games are not available through free online streaming, unfortunately. However, there are a couple different things you can do to make sure you don't miss a March Madness minute. Here are some options for watching March Madness without a cable subscription.

Let's start with the easiest option first. Four networks are airing the games, reported TechHive: TBS, TNT, TruTV, and CBS. CBS makes it easiest to watch games without cable, since they can be streamed for free online. Only 21 games will be broadcast on CBS, but that's better than nothing. Those games can be streamed online at, or with the NCAA March Madness Live app. The latter can be used on Amazon Fire, iOS, Roku, Windows, Android, Apple, iPad, and iPhone platforms.

As for the rest of the games, things get a bit trickier. You can always follow live game updates on Twitter via @MarchMadness or on any popular sports site; and are handy resources for score updates and post-game analysis. But actually watching these games will require spending a little scrill. According to TechHive, your best bet here is to invest in a one-month subscription of Sling. For $20, you will get access to TBS, TruTV, and TNT, which are all you need to catch the rest of the games (usually, TruTV isn't part of the $20 package, but Sling is throwing a little sweetness your way in honor of March Madness). According to Boy Genius Report, you won't have to make a long-term commitment with Sling, so you can simply cancel your subscription once the tournament ends in April should you so choose.

Of course, there's always the option of going to a friend's house to watch the games you can't find online — if you have a friend willing to host you for 46 games in a few weeks' time (offer to make nachos, everyone loves nachos!). Otherwise, it might be worth it to shell out the $20 for Sling and split your viewing pleasure between that and online streaming. Watching sports without cable may not be the most convenient way, but it's not impossible.