I Tried Fiera & Here's What It Was Like

When I first heard about Fiera, the new toy by Nuelle with the tagline “Arouser For Her,” I have to admit I was pretty skeptical. I’m honestly tired to tears about this age-worn argument about how female libido is so much lower than male libido, how the female orgasm doesn’t exist — or maybe, wait — it does exist but really it’s so mysterious and hard to attain, what a project we shouldn’t even bother. I mean come on people. Humans with vaginas have been getting off as long as they’ve been getting it on, and that’s why we’re all here today.

Plus, I thought some of the language Fiera uses to describe the product plays into the stress many people feel about their level of sexual desire. This is a quote from their product page:

Fiera is for you if you are one of the 30 million women who are concerned about their level of sexual desire or arousal. Do you wish you were in the mood tonight?

I take issue with the concept of being “in the mood,” since it comes with some serious connotations of someone else being in a particular mood and you having to change your mood to get on their level. They’re not wrong about the stats though — at any given time, up to 39 percent of female-identified folks report low sexual desire. And regardless of whether female-bodied humans are stressed about their libido because it is really lower — or if it’s in fact just different and they are working hard and have a billion things on their mind and their partners have never bothered to learn what makes them tick — low libido can contribute to significant stress and dissatisfaction.

This is all to say that the other night I wrote a grant about HIV for two hours to get in a profoundly unsexy mood and then I opened up my Fiera to see if it could get me excited. Here's what happened.

What The Fiera Is

Fiera, $200, Amazon

The Fiera comes in a few parts. There's the body, a pink and white piece of machinery that fits in the palm of your hand, which is basically the "smart" element. To use it, you pop on a clear or white plastic suction component, called a SofSense ring — my Fiera came with two, each of which has a different shape, and there's a third option if those don't fit you well. You're able to use each ring for two or three uses, according to the lengthy user's guide. Finally, you have to charge your Fiera body before you use it. The charger is one of those super cool new magnetic charger models that uses a USB cable.

I'd charged my Fiera fully the night before, so I was ready to go!

What Is Was Like To Put On

The Fiera is a hands-free device that works by suctioning itself (lightly, don’t worry!) onto the area around your clit. To put it on, first you need to assemble the Fiera, which means selecting a SofSense ring and snapping it on. It connects quite easily. Before you put it onto yourself, you put a bit of water-based lube onto the inside of the ring and your clit and pussy lip area (the user's guide says a "pea-sized" amount). Then, you just put the whole thing, ring down, onto your vulva. I had to move my labia (pussy lips) out of the way to get the ring to lie flat onto me.

The manual said it would be difficult to position and that I might need to put it on in front of the mirror (which is a terrifying proposition for anyone with roommates), but I got it on perfectly the first time. Guess I’m just a natural.

What It Was Like To Wear

Once I had it positioned and suctioned, the Fiera automatically sprang into action, because modernity. The motor part has three little half-circle nubbins in it and they lightly moved around on top of my clit. It legit felt like a tiny kitten was batting my clit around. A declawed, soft kitten. It was nice. Nice and chill, even on the top setting (there are three settings of different intensities). I didn't rigorously test the suction of the Fiera by getting up and moving around a bunch, but lying down, it totally stayed where I put it and wasn't going anywhere.

At first, I wasn’t that impressed, but Nuelle says most people wear it for 5-15 minutes to get the full effect, so I hung out for the full 15.

How It Made Me Feel

And now for the million-dollar question (or really the $250 question, since that’s how much the Fiera costs): Did it get me in the proverbial "mood"? Did it make me want to bang boots, make the beast with two backs, get it on?

The short answer is yes. It had a nice low-level vibration, kind of like the very beginning of what is going to be a really good, long teasing session. I like more intense clitoris stimulation than most, so even though I knew this wasn’t supposed to be a sex toy (it’s a pre-sex toy), I still found myself pushing down on the back of the device to get more pressure on my clit.

My Conclusions

All in all, I think I like way stronger clit stimulation than the suction of the Fiera can muster, but if you like a gentler touch to start, this could be a great way for you to help turn yourself on. It’s like the amuse bouche of sex toys. Overall, I’d say it got me pre-turned on. As in, it made me notice my clit and want to turn myself on for real. So mission? Accomplished. But then again, I have a very healthy sexual appetite and so I’m not sure what could consensually vibrate against my clit for 15 minutes and not make me want to have sex.

If this excites you, or you are excited by nothing but think this might help, you can purchase the Fiera on the Nuelle website.

Images: Nuelle; Marley Russell; Giphy