Don't Count Meechum Out For 'HoC' Season 5

What a ride House of Cards Season 4 has been. Just when you settle into the despicable world of President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and First Lady Claire (Robin Wright), all hell breaks loose and shots are fired, wounding Frank and killing poor Edward Meechum (Nathan Darrow), his beloved secret service bodyguard. Though he is now deceased, will Meechum appear in House of Cards Season 5? There's been no official word, but I don't think we should count Meechum out just yet. Yes, I'm fully aware that the bodyguard is dead and buried, but if there's anything I learned about House of Cards during Season 4, it's that people may die, but Frank Underwood's guilt lives forever.

What's saddest about Meechum's departure is that he and Frank had some sweet scenes before he died. That was probably on purpose, but the bodyguard provided comfort to Frank when he was missing Claire and didn't want to be alone. They had some fun, too, secretly tracing Meechum's hand on the walls of the White House. But, those happy times didn't last. In an attempted assassination, Frank was shot by reporter-turned-vigilante Lucas Goodwin. The devoted Edward Meechum shot and killed Lucas in return. Unfortunately, in the process, Meechum took a fatal bullet for the president.

While Frank was recovering from his injuries and awaiting a liver transplant, the commander-in-chief had a series of fantasies/fever dreams, which included appearances from deceased reporter Zoe Barnes and Peter Russo. Those dreams set a precedent in House of Cards that if you're dead, you're not entirely gone forever. Something — whether it's a fever dream, fantasy or Frank fourth-wall revelation — could always bring you back.

Darrow told Entertainment Weekly that, while he was sad to depart his role as Meechum, he was OK with how things went down. " I was completely on board," the actor said. "I liked this end for him. He went out doing his job. He went out doing good." Darrow also told EW that the final scene he shot on set was the one where Frank traces Meechum's hand on the White House wall, and it's a sweet parting memory. "I think Meechum kind of touched that sweet, light part of Frank," Darrow said in the EW interview. "I mean, that’s how it seems. It doesn’t seem like, even after the threesome scene, that there was this dark, ravenous, 'You belong to me' kind of thing [from Frank], or anything like that."

And, even after he's gone, Meechum still means a lot to Frank. Remember how disappointed and verklempt Frank was to discover Meechum's hand-tracing was painted over in the White House? I don't think Frank will forget Meechum or his loyalty any time soon, and I wouldn't be surprised if the late secret service agent makes an appearance in one of Frank's dreams. I could see Meechum maybe acting as Frank's moral compass, asking him if he really wants to do that bad, bad thing. Whether or not Frank listens is up to Frank — and let's face it, he probably won't listen. But, I'm sure even the Underwoods would agree, it would be good to see Meechum once more.

Images: David Giesbrecht (3)/Netflix