When Is Nails Inc.'s Paint Can Available In The U.S.? Here Is The Exact Date & Place To Purchase

The wait is almost over, nail art addicts and lacquer lovers. Nails Inc. launched its Paint Can nail polish in the UK last fall, leaving U.S. customers to wait (impatiently) for its stateside arrival. It's a true innovation in a popular beauty category and it's not as messy as you think to apply nail polish via a spray paint can! You apply a base coat, blast your nails with spray paint, let 'em dry, add a top coat for extra protection, let it dry, and wipe away any excess color from skin and cuticles, all the while covering any surrounding surfaces with a towel to protect from fallout and stains. I know. It sounds messy and time-consuming, but it really isn't. I will be practicing my technique over the next week or so.

Full Disclosure: A press sample landed on my desk and I've already started playing with it. But when can you expect to grab a Nails Inc. Paint Can for yourself?

This month, baby! The Nails Inc. Paint Can will be available for purchase on March 22 at Sephora. It will also have a super affordable price tag — it's only $12. That means you can look forward to widely available and affordable nail art fun.

Seriously, though. What's more fun than spray painting your nails? Oh, just nothing! You get killer color payoff, moreso than what you'd get with "classic" nail polish. It's also a manicure you can do during your lunch hour. Really!

Know going into it that you will have to clean up the excess product, wiping it away from the skin of your hands and your cuticles by washing with soap and water or using a baby wipe or Q-tips. So easy, right?

Nails Inc.'s Paint Can is literal nail art.

Images: Courtesy Nails Inc. (2)