LGBTQ Superheroes Who Should Join 'Arrow's The Black Canary on TV

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Wednesday night's episode of Arrow introduced not only a new character, but a new relationship: Ra's al Ghul's daughter, Nyssa, who was revealed to be Sara's (aka the Black Canary's) girlfriend. Show writers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim said that they've been planning this move since the beginning of the season. The writers were careful not to label her bisexual, though, to focus more on the relationship rather than on her sexuality. "We really wanted to approach it like not be salacious and be sensitive and be realistic," said Guggenheim.

With the popularity of superhero movies and shows, it's surprising that this is the first time an LGBTQ relationship has happened on screen. After all, there's already a number of great, iconic LGBTQ superheroes who have been portrayed in comics by Marvel and DC alike. Here's just a few that we'd love to see on television...

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