'Daredevil' Season 2 Shakes Up Matt's Love Life

by Michelle Lulic

There are just moments left for us to speculate about what might go down in Daredevil Season 2 before we lock ourselves in our rooms and settle down for the long marathon of episodes. It seems likeNetflix and Marvel have got our back when it comes to preparation. And that they've got my back when it comes to playing to my interests. The final trailer for Daredevil Season 2 could be hinting even more at what we might expect from Matt Murdock's love lif in the upcoming season, amidst the sea of violence that Daredevil is about to dive into.

I know, I know. Who does or does not date the Daredevil himself may not be the number one thing on your mind. You're ready to see The Punisher, the crime, and more of those awesome explosions we've had previewed for us. But the women in Matt's life are in fact vital in regards to how he saves the city and whether or not he can make it out alive. And, according to the latest trailer, things sure do seem confusing in the love department.

Season 1 of Daredevil left off with two women standing by Matt's side as his support system (and nothing more): Karen Page and Claire Temple. Karen was wary about Matt's hidden identity, Claire continuously helped nurse Matt back to good health, and these two stood to support him during his hard times. However, in Season 2 there's clearly another powerful, unstoppable woman in play. Elektra Natchios seems to not only be providing a challenge combat-wise for the blind hero, but she also seems to be playing with his mind, both sexually and out on the field. So, will these three women in his life be narrowed down to one? Take a look at the last trailer for yourself to see who may still be in the running.

There are some pretty intimate moments heating up between between Matt and both Elektra and Karen. Between what appears to be sex scenes with Elektra to her kissing him (after a life threat?), and an emotional tension-filled moment with Karen, both these ladies seem to be very much in the game. However, it also becomes clear that Matt's double-life could be affecting his chances with both of them. While Matt roams around the city as the Daredevil, it may be safer for Karen to just continue to figure out her relationship with Foggy instead of worrying all the time. And with Matt's regular, non-Daredevil identity, Elektra may not be fond of his constant fight between doing what is right or wrong.

Season 2 is sure to bring the action, both on the crime-filled streets and in Matt's love life. It's not easy carrying the weight of an entire city on your shoulders. And not just anyone has the courage to stand by someone through all of that.

Images: Marvel Entertainment/Netflix; Giphy