When Will 'How To Get Away With Murder' Return? Season 3 Needs To Answer Some Questions

No one likes seeing their favorite TV show go on summer hiatus. Sure, the nice weather helps to cushion the blow a little, but that never keeps your withdrawal at bay for too long, especially when it comes to a series as addictive as How To Get Away With Murder. Yes, believe it or not, my friends, we are just hours away from the HTGAWM Season 2 finale and even though I'm intrigued to see what trouble these morally corrupt characters will get into next, there's a part of me that's sad to see it all come to a close. That being said, there is a silver lining to this gray cloud — ABC has renewed the series for a third season, which means it's only a matter of time before the How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 premiere date is upon us.

So when exactly can we expect this joyous day to occur? As of now, the network has yet to announce a precise premiere date, but odds are Season 3 (much like its predecessors) will debut sometime in late September 2016. And it seems as though series creator Pete Nowalk is thinking along those very same lines as well.

Either way, that means we still have several months ahead of us before The Keating Five & Co. return. So as a way to help quench our Keating Five thirst, I've rounded up a few vital questions that the series needs to answer before we head into yet another killer season...

1. Who Will Be Returning?

Given that we almost never seem them in an actual classroom anymore, it could be easy to forget that the Keating Five are college students, which means they won't be able to be part of Annalise's class forever. Will the writers introduce new students for her to corrupt or will they find a way to still incorporate the original cast? Even the actors aren't entirely sure where their future on the show lies.

2. Who Will Guest Star?

From Famke Janssen to Cicely Tyson, this series has managed to rope in powerful guest stars throughout the past two years, which makes me curious as to who they'll add to the ranks for next season. Is it too much to hope for a Scandal crossover? Because this lot could really use a fixer right about now.

3. Will There Be More Flash Forwards?

Some people may not like the setup of knowing who dies immediately and then backtracking to see how it all unfolds, but I've grown to kinda love it — at least, in the way they do it on this particular show. So I'm all for seeing this plot device continue.

4. Who Will Hook Up Next?

Michaela and Asher were a huge surprise that I did not see coming. The same can be said for Laurel and Wes, which makes me wonder who else could share a surprising amount of chemistry together? Bonnie and Frank? Wes and Michaela? The possibilities are endless.

5. Will There Be A Time Jump?

Whether it's five years or five minutes, I'd like to know where exactly the story will be picking up from when September rolls around.

6. How Many More Times Can They Get Away With Murder?

I mean, there's only so many times a single group can get away with something like this... right? Also, is it September yet?

Images: Nicole Wilder/ABC; Giphy (6)