This Could Be The Next Addition To Kylie Cosmetics

by Augusta Statz

With her matte lipsticks being such a huge success, it only makes sense that this makeup guru would keep expanding her empire. I mean, it’s kind of what her family does, you know? Read on to find out what could be the next addition to Kylie Cosmetics, because you know you’re dying to purchase whatever she drops next, no matter what it is.

Kylie Jenner hinted that contour kits could be coming soon from her eponymous brand. Iggy Azalea tweeted at the makeup maven, saying she should consider creating contour kits, and Jenner responded “Yes! Yes!” That seems promising to me! Jenner also recently polled fans asking what products they’d like to see next. The options included eyeshadow, bronzer, eyebrow kits and loose powders. Eyebrow kits won 47 percent of the votes, but this wouldn’t be the first time that Jenner polled fans and then did something entirely different, of course.

She did also tweet saying that she’s already got something in the works, so there’s really no telling what she’s got up her sleeve. All I can know for certain is whatever she creates will be amazing, especially if it has anything to do with contouring. Check out seven of her best makeup moments that prove, when it comes creating the perfect contour, she really knows what she’s doing.

Jenner cares what her Kings would like to see.

But, she's already got a plan, of course.

Maybe Iggy's not too far off base with this contour kit comment.

She's even committed to buying 100 of them, and I know the rest of us would want to, too, especially if there anywhere near as good as the Lip Kits.

1. Solo Glam

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sure, Jenner's got a glam squad, but even when she does her own makeup, she slays.

2. Makeup Goals

Candy K on the lips and a Kylie Cosmetics-level contour would be the ultimate makeup look.

3. The Perfect Shape

A good contour will always lead to a perfectly shaped face, high cheekbones and all.

4. Family Affair

Incredible contouring skills runs in the family.

5. Red Carpet Glam

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her contour kills on every red carpet.

6. Casual Contour

But, she can rock a more casual contour, too.

7. Photo-Ready

A quality contour is always ready for a close-up, and she's got the look down pat.

Clearly, Jenner's an expert in the glam department.

Even on her worst days. So, no matter what's next for Kylie Cosmetics, it's destined for greatness.

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