These 7 Easy Braid Tutorials For Short Hair Will Totally Transform Your Locks — VIDEO

Attention short haired girls: if you think boho braids aren't an option, think again! Since I recently chopped my 'do, I've become obsessed with finding easy braid tutorials for short hair because everyone knows braids are a perfect style for the warmers months ahead. To be honest, I am always skeptical of cutting my hair closer to the spring because I'm afraid I'll miss those long, beachy waves, but I've found that my short hair can look equally as amazing and it's way more functional (aka I'm not burning hot)!

Of course, we're all intrigued by Julianne Hough's perfectly textured bob and Alessandra Ambrosio's choppy new do, but there are a few secrets you can learn that will help you style your own hair like a pro without heading back to the salon. Having cut my hair into a bob once before, I can tell you that spending ten minutes styling each morning can make a huge difference. While there isn't much there to style, short hair can be fun and transformed if you know how to style it correctly. So where do we learn these magic tricks? YouTube! And lucky for you, I've already compiled a few of the best below.

Also, if you haven't already, you should consider investing in a strong hold blowout cream and a texturizing spray. These two things will help you create almost any style and more importantly, give your hair the ability to stay put all day long. As you go through the following tutorials, you'll notice that almost every video features one of these two products. And since these YouTube stars are experts on the topic, I'll leave the suggestions up to them.

Ready, set, style!

1. Minute Braids For Ladies On-the-Go

In this video, Ingrid Nielsen unlocks the secret to keeping your braids bump-free.

2. The Half-Pony Braid

If you're looking for a polished and subtle way to wear a braid to the office, start watching!

3. Bohemian Braided Updo

Attention summer bridesmaids: You are literally four braids away from the perfect updo.

4. The Halo Braid

Watch a Hollywood hairstylist braid New Beauty Editor Anna Jimenez's sassy bob into the perfect halo.

5. The Waterfall Braid

As it turns out, the waterfall braid looks equally as amazing on us short-haired gals.

6. The Headband Braid

The best part about this braid is that it works for short or long hair and honestly. I've always wondered how to do it, and what better time than now.

7. The Fishtail Crown

Yes, fishtails are possible with short hair. Plus, they look awesome!

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Image: Milabu/YouTube