Sorry, Harry Styles Fans, No Snaps From Him

Guys, I'm calling it: The hottest social media platform of 2016 is Snapchat. The app has been around for nearly five years, but seems to be hitting peak popularity these days, with many celebrities slowly joining the ranks of Snapchat users to send out quick, informal photo and video messages to their fans. It's rumored that none other than Kylie Jenner is the most popular person on Snapchat, proving that young stars are the best ones to follow for an unfiltered and seemingly spontaneous glimpse into the private worlds of super famous people. With many of the most famous celebrities beginning to join the app, including Justin Bieber and, more recently, Kim Kardashian, it's no secret that One Direction fans are wondering if Harry Styles has a Snapchat account.

Sadly, at this time, it appears that Styles does not have his own Snapchat account. However, One Direction fans will be happy to know that the band does have an account (its username is, naturally, OneDirection), but it seems that they don't give their account much love. Fans on Twitter are quick to point out that snaps from their favorite boy band are few and far between, and they're very sad about it.

Though they have clearly been ignoring the ever-popular app, fans were able to snag a few of the best moments featuring Styles, captured in a valiant effort to preserve the fleeting moments of their favorite group member.

Eating Some Food

Can't a guy get some soup in peace?!

Per Usual, Hair On Fleek

Did you expect any less?

Game Face On

His fans are waiting, and it looks like he's ready for them!

Thumbs Up

Looking casually cool backstage, as you do.

Snappin' Everywhere

That smile is the stuff of legends, is it not?

I think it goes without saying that 1D fans desperately need their favorite group (of course, including Styles) to show more love on Snapchat. What do you say, boys? The world is waiting!