Marco Rubio’s Response To Hecklers

In a concession speech made after a crushing primary loss in his home state, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio still managed to make a stab at Donald Trump. After being interrupted by hecklers, Rubio said, "You won't get beat up here." It was a clear reference to the violence that has broken out at Trump events, with protesters and sometimes even members of the media getting attacked. It was no surprise that Rubio was taking aim at Trump; The Donald stole Rubio's home state from him in a big way, beating him by double digits. And Rubio's paying the price for the defeat, announcing that he's suspending his presidential campaign.

Much of Rubio's speech came across as a denouncement of Trump's campaign, which has been built on stoking anti-immigrant sentiments and proposing bans on Syrian refugees. "The politics of resentment against other people will not just leave us a fractured party; they will leave us a fractured nation," he warned.

Long considered the GOP establishment's favorite, Rubio also ripped into them during his speech. He said that the "political establishment" was at fault for the party's Trump-induced implosion because it "looked down on conservatives as simple-minded people," and had "taken the votes of conservatives for granted."