How John Kasich Could Win The GOP Nomination

John Kasich's presidential dreams are still alive. The last-place candidate won the state he is currently governor of, Ohio. Since the Buckeye State is a winner-take-all affair for the GOP, the boost in delegates has been pivotal for the Kasich campaign, which carries on despite the odds. Can John Kasich win the GOP nomination? Based on his meager amount of delegates, it's currently mathematically impossible for the Ohio governor to secure the nomination conventionally. Instead, Kasich is looking to come out on top in a contested convention.

As of this writing, Kasich is trailing frontrunner Donald Trump by 439 delegates. The Donald has already won Florida, nabbing the largest amount of delegates of the day, with 99 from the winner-take-all affair. Based off of reports in additional Super Tuesday 3 states like Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina, Trump will receive even more delegates and ultimately win the series of primaries taking place across the country. It's those wins that mathematically disqualify Kasich from getting the more than 1,200 delegates needed to secure the Republican presidential nomination. Even if Kasich were to win out in all of the upcoming primaries and caucuses, he would still fall short by hundreds of delegates.

For that reason, Kasich and his team have been anything but delusional in their thinking, instead shifting the way they look at his campaign and their very strategy. Even Chief Campaign Strategist John Weaver is looking toward a brokered convention in order for Kasich to emerge victorious. Weaver had this to say to The Huffington Post about the campaign's current mindset:

The plan is to win Ohio, and some other states, and if that happens, nobody is going to have enough delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot.
J.D. Pooley/Getty Images News/Getty Images

So far, things are going according to plan. Kasich was victorious in Ohio by a wide margin. As of this writing, Kasich had nearly 43 percent of the vote, while Trump trailed him with around 37 percent. During Kasich's Ohio victory speech, he was quick to acknowledge former candidate Marco Rubio, who dropped out following a devastating loss in his home state of Florida.

Though both Rubio and Kasich had slumping poll numbers, it is the Ohio governor's home field advantage that firmly shone through on Super Tuesday 3. Kasich highlighted the many victories he's obtained in his position while echoing a hopeful message about his candidacy. The Kasich campaign is far from over, and could maybe even end in victory by the time Republicans come together over the summer.