Reactions To Donald Trump's Victory Sweep Are As Frightened (And Frightening) As You'd Imagine

The Donald did it again. The leading GOP presidential candidate saw more than a few victories for his campaign on March 15's third round of Super Tuesdays. With just over half the delegate votes required to win the party nomination, the billionaire businessman is making the road to the White House look easy. For some, however, watching Trump make his way to Washington is hard — very, very hard. And these scary Donald Trump victory memes will make the candidate's Mega Tuesday wins way too real to handle.

The numbers tell a frightening story of their own. In Florida, Trump beat out now-former candidate Marco Rubio in the his own home state, taking nearly 46 percent of the vote and all 99 of the state's available delegates. Actually, the only state where Trump couldn't claim victory was in John Kasich's home state of Ohio. (At the time of publishing, officials had not yet called final results for Missouri, where Trump was leading by 0.2 percent.)

But taking in the wide array of reactions to Trump's winning night will do an equally good job of making you queasy, and what better way to kick it off than with a retweet by the Donald himself?

Hey, remember that time when a lot of Americans thought it would be inconceivable for Trump to even run for president?