Will Matt & Elektra Get Together In 'Daredevil' Season 2? They Do Have Quite A History...

Boy, does Matt Murdock have a lot of irons in the romantic fire — there's Claire Temple, Karen Page... and now Elektra Natchios is joining the mix. How will she fit in with his current lineup of love interests? I think I speak for fans everywhere when I wonder if Matt and Elektra get together on Daredevil.

Well, if the trailers can be believed, the answer is a resounding "yes." Matt and Elektra certainly share their fair share of chemistry, and can be caught in something of a dangerous liaison in both the second and third trailers for the show — which makes sense, because the two characters have quite the storied history. They met while Matt was a student at Columbia (a fact Foggy alluded to as a sort of Easter egg back in Season 1), and according to the comic book lore, both were trained with Stick, who'll incidentally be playing a larger role this season.

Apparently, their shared history has quite the effect on their present-day relationship — as Elodie Yung told Australia's The National, "We kept the relationship between Matt and Elektra, the fact they fell in love when they were younger, and that emotionally charged past of the 'first love' drives the story."

It sounds like they have quite the complex relationship, and to hear co-showrunner Doug Petrie describe it, the two characters definitely share a special bond. He said to TV Guide:

Well, judging from that quote, Matt and Elektra may not be built to last, but any way you slice it, sparks will be flying this season. Though, there's also Matt's potential relationship with Karen to consider — according to the reviews, Season 2 features a Matt/Elektra/Karen love triangle. Even if you're not a fan of the love triangle trope, though, never fear — apparently, it's handled niftily. As Deborah Ann Woll said in an interview with SiriusXM, "I was very impressed with our writers — this wasn't a traditional love triangle; this wasn't 'who deserves him, who's the better girl, who's the winner.' This is about two very different distinct women, and it'll be about whoever Matt decides he loves."

So, which woman will Matt end up with this season? Guess we'll have to marathon approximately 12 hours of Daredevil to find out.

Images: Patrick Harbron/Netflix (2)