Manolo Blahnik is a Fan of Snow Boots

Manolo Blahnik knows a thing or two about shoes. And while he is the maker of some of the most gorgeous high heels in history, he is not opposed to comfortable and functional footwear. During an interview with Fashionista, the renowned shoe designer confessed his undying support for snow boots, calling them "chic."

Blahnik understands that in icy, wintery weather like this, a girl's gotta wear what a girl's gotta wear. At one point, he even asked one of his associates to go out and buy a pair for him, saying, “Tell someone to go and get me one pair of L.L. Beans, because I cannot walk in the street!”

Perhaps even more surprising, however, was Blahnik's thoughts on Birkenstocks:

I loooove Birkenstocks. Always did — I wear them myself in the summertime! I also used to wear them in the winter, years ago, like maybe the 1980s when they were very hot. I used to wear them with socks in New York.

I cannot quite imagine Blahnik in a pair of Birkenstocks, let alone with a pair of socks. Ahh, why didn't we have Instagram back then to capture moments like this!

Now that you all have Blahnik's blessing/permission to wear snow boots — or even Birkenstocks — to Fashion Week, you can all breathe a sigh of relief ditching those pretty heels behind. We also have a feeling he'd support your wear of fashion sneakers, too. Hallelujah!