These Old Photos Of Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Prove They’ve Changed A Lot

We've watched the Kardashians and Jenners practically grow up in the public eye, but it's easy to forget exactly where they started. I mean, their style is so on point these days, that you forget they weren't always as glam, but thanks to these new Instagram pictures, we're getting a little blast from the past. Saint Hoax created before and after photos of the Kardashians on his Instagram account, according to Cosmopolitan UK, and they're going to make you do a serious double take. Spoiler: This throws it back to pre-contour Kim K. Can you even imagine?!

I totally cringe when I look back at my high school pictures, and just because they might be mega-famous, it doesn't mean stars are immune to embarrassing old photos. Not that the Kardashians had anything to be embarrassed about, but these throwbacks definitely show how much time has changed them (and how much style and beauty knowledge they've acquired over the years).

Instagram artist Saint Hoax photoshopped pictures of Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner from 2016 next to pictures of them from way back in the day, and it proves that they've only gotten more fierce over time.

Khloe Kardashian's transformation is pretty obvious, thanks to her now blonde dye-job, but the flowing, voluminous hair hasn't totally been taken out of her beauty repertoire.

Other than some more polished looking makeup (brows on fleek!), she doesn't look entirely different. But Kim's throwback shows her new obsession with contouring:

In addition to rocking way more cleavage now, Kim has lightened up her eye makeup, and amped up her contouring. The result? Defined cheekbones and more natural looking makeup. And less is definitely more when it comes to Kim — she's so naturally gorgeous. Finally, we got a look at the youngest Jenner, which is a little more difficult to compare, because she's only 18. Naturally, kids grow up and change, so you'd expect her to look different.

Like Kim, she lightened up her eye makeup, and put more emphasis on her complexion. Her hair is the same, just more professionally styled, and of course, her amaze Lip Kits deserve a shoutout.

Gotta love a good throwback.

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