Will Ben & Lauren Get Married On TV? The 'Bachelor' Stars Are Keeping Their Options Open

It's crazy to think that Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor is actually over. It has been a long and dramatic season and now Ben and Lauren Bushnell are happily engaged. So, is this the last we will see of the duo? After they do all the post-Bachelor press are they going to disappear from the spotlight aside from some affectionate social media posts? Or, will Ben and Lauren get married on TV? It wouldn't be the first time that a Bachelor wedding has been broadcast, so I wouldn't be shocked. Plus, if you were willing to compete on TV for a relationship, I don't see why showing your wedding would be off limits.

Ben and Lauren have only just gone public as a couple, but Bachelor Nation wants to know their plans for their nuptials. Ben was a contestant on The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe before he stared in his own season of The Bachelor, so it only seems fitting for him to finish his journey to true love in front of the cameras for his fans. But does the couple want their privacy once their obligatory press tour wraps up? Actually, it sounds like they're keeping open minds.

They Haven't Ruled Out The Idea

In during a press call with Variety and other outlets, the couple was asked if they want to have a TV wedding. Lauren responded by saying,

We haven’t ruled anything out and all of the support from everyone has been so amazing that it would be something that we would consider. It’s not ruled out, but we also don’t know what opportunities are going to present themselves, but all we know is that we want to get married.

That's an interesting answer to me. I'm not sure what kind of wedding opportunities ever present themselves aside from a wedding sponsored by a television network, so I feel like that's a polite way of her saying that it depends on how this would all go with ABC.

They Already Have An Idea Of When They'll Get Married

The couple was also asked about wedding planning in an interview with E! News. Lauren said, "I would love to set a date and start the planning and start getting excited about that." And Ben elaborated on the timeline, "We talked this morning on the plane, I would love to do 2016, early 2017. I don't want to rush it to the point where it's stressful, but I also don't want to wait too long."

They Want Their Friends & Family Present

Ben directly addressed the possibility of a televised wedding in the same E! News interview when he said,

That's an opportunity we'd have to look into. We are returning to the stage of life now where we can be public as an engaged couple. And now whatever opportunities come up and whatever conversations happen, we'll listen. If it's something that seems to be best for us and also for the people who have now watched our love story for the last couple of months then great. If not, we'll definitely celebrate privately with friends and family still.

Ben Has Attended Another Bachelor Wedding

Clearly, Ben is at least somewhat comfortable with TV weddings since he did attend Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's televised nuptials. And based on his enthusiastic caption he was very supportive of the couple inviting the cameras to be a part of their special day.

They Were Already Pushed To Get Married Live

The couple was pressured to get married on live TV during the Bachelor finale. Hey, if ABC offered to host their wedding once, I assume the network would ask them again, right?

So, when it comes to Ben and Lauren's wedding, things are still up in the air. They clearly are at least open to sharing their wedding with viewers since their love story did play out on national television, and I have a good feeling that we will be tuning in to watch the Higgins get hitched in a year or so.

Images: ABC/Matt Dunn (1); ABC/Rick Rowell (5)