8 Lorelai & Rory Moments That Made It Hard To Be A 'Gilmore Girls' Fan

Look, I love Gilmore Girls more than most people love their children. I feel like every character in Stars Hollow and beyond have a special place in my heart, and I adore each of them in their own ways. Lorelai and Rory are hilarious, relatable (some of the time) and quirky. Yes, they are all of those things but — brace yourselves — Rory and Lorelai are the worst on Gilmore Girls a lot of the time, too. I know, that's a contradiction of the highest order, but hear me out. They are conundrums as humans, and, sometimes, they were the absolute worst.

This revelation was not one that I arrived at immediately upon my first viewing of the series. I only started to really notice the depths of their awful moments recently, as an adult. Don't get me wrong; I still have a strong love for the Gilmores, but I think any healthy relationship is one where you recognize and accept the other person's flaws. This is me, recognizing that, at times, my favorite mother/daughter duo could be rife with self-absorption and slightly off-putting snark. This is good, guys.

Take a stroll down memory lane and look back at all of the times when Rory and Lorelai were kind of the worst.

1. Sookie's Kids' Baptism


This was kind of the apex of their complete lack of self-awareness and narcissistic tendencies. They are both chosen by Sookie to be godmothers to her two children. That's super nice and should probably be taken slightly seriously. Nah, not to the Gilmores. They happened to be in a fight that day and decided that the best time to argue would be in the middle of the ceremony, while they were holding the babies. Oh, don't worry though. They left the church with the babies. Because otherwise it would have been rude.

2. Rory Misses Her Mother's Graduation


Come on, Rory. Lorelai made it abundantly clear numerous times that it was of the utmost importance to her that Rory be there at her business school graduation. It was all that her mother, who has always been there for her, wanted. Rory took this opportunity to skip school and hop a bus to New York to stalk Jess for the day. She ended up missing the graduation due to a bus delay, and it served her right. So selfish.

3. Tough Critic


This one was more on Rory, but Lorelai contributed. While reviewing a ballet for the Yale Daily News, Rory goes full on vintage Perez Hilton and tears the ballerina's appearance and abilities to shreds. She full on fat shames her to the point of referring to her as a hippo and detailing the "fat rolls" around her bra strap. Wow.

4. How Lorelai Treated Max


Poor Max. That guy never stood a chance. It was crazy from the start for Lorelai to date one of Rory's teachers while she was still one of his students. That was poor decision-making at its finest. The worst came when she started distancing herself from him as soon as Rory expressed that she was happy they were dating. Then, there was the time when Lorelai skipped town to avoid marrying him. That was kind of mean.

5. That Whole Adultery Thing


Remember when Rory slept with Dean while he was very much married to Lindsey? That was ill advised.

6. When Rory Left Her Sense Of Humor At Home


I am staunchly Team Logan, so forgive me for this one. When he, Colin, and Finn barged into Rory's lecture to put on a little skit focused on her, it should have been hilarious. Instead, Rory got super angry at him and called him a "buttface miscreant." I would kill to have Logan Huntzberger interrupt any number of my learning experiences.

7. When Lorelai Didn't Tell Her Parents She Was Engaged


Come on, Lorelai. We get that you and your parents have a strained relationship, and we respect that you have fought to carve out your independence, but enough is enough. When Lorelai got engaged to Max, she decided not to tell Richard and Emily about it. There is legitimately no real reason for this. They end up finding out via Sookie, and all she succeeded in doing was making them sad.

8. When Lorelai Humiliates Her Mother


Lorelai gets to be interviewed by a magazine for her role as owner of The Dragonfly Inn. She takes this as an opportunity to publicly decimate her mother and compare her to Stalin. There is legitimately no circumstance where this would ever be remotely okay. It's awful and mean.

Of course, there are a number of great Rory and Lorelai moments, but these are just some of the examples of their blatant rudeness I will forever and always be Team Gilmore, but I recognize when my faves are problematic, OK?

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