14 'Allegiant' Quotes From Tris, Four & More Divergent Faves

One of the best things about the newest movie in the Divergent series, Allegiant, veering substantially from Veronica Roth's book is that the film doesn't feel obligated to stay true to every little detail written in the novel. Although many plot points and character introductions do stay the same, a good amount of the movie tells a totally different story than that in the book. It's a necessary change, considering that Allegiant is just one part of the two-movie adaptation of Roth's final Divergent novel and so the story is forced to spread between films, but some fans might be surprised at how different the film is from its source material — especially when it comes to hearing all the Divergent Series: Allegiant quotes.

While some of the movie's lines come directly from dialogue written in the book, plenty of them are totally new, invented by the screenwriters to tell the altered story of Tris, Four, and the others' arrival outside the wall. Yet whether they're lines that come right from the book or are new ones thrown in by the film's writers, many of these Allegiant quotes are more than memorable, and will stay with fans long after they leave the theater. Here are the 14 best.

1. "I Come From Outside The Wall"


This is the message heard from the box Tris (Shailene Woodley) opens, and it makes the need to explore the land over the wall even more urgent.

2. "Great Leaders Don't Seek Power. They're Called By Necessity"

Said by Johanna (Octavia Spencer), this quote shows why she becomes the head of the Allegiant group — she knows what leadership is all about.

3. "What If There's Nothing Left?" "I Can Live With That If You're With Me. I Can't Live With Not Trying"

When Four (Theo James) questions exploring the land beyond the wall, Tris reminds him that it's not about what ends up being there, but the act of finding out.

4. Great, Now The Sky's Bleeding"


Leave it to Peter (Miles Teller) to make jokes about the scary, overwhelming, and yes, sky-bleeding wasteland that's outside the wall.

5. "Welcome To The Future. We've Been Waiting For You"

This is said by Matthew (Bill Skarsgard), the government official who greets Tris and the others when they finally get through the desert. Not creepy at all, dude.

6. "You Saved The City. Help Me Save The World"

It's hard for Tris to resist a line like this from David (Jeff Daniels), the Bureau of Genetic Welfare leader who promises that they'll work together to bring peace.

7. "I'm Pure, And You're Damaged"


When Tris finds out from David that she's the only "pure" one — her friends are all "damaged" due to past genetic experiments — she tells Four, but quickly explains it doesn't change anything between them.

8. "Human Beings Cannot Be Categorized In This Way. It Doesn't Work. Maybe It's Time To Start Embracing People Instead Of Dividing Them Into Groups"

As Tris starts to realize that David's plans are actually dangerous, and that he wants to bring the factions back, she begs him to change his mind.

9. "You Want Change With No Sacrifice. Peace With No Struggle. The World Doesn't Work Like That"

Yeah, David isn't having it. At all.

10. "I Have Something You Need." "What's That?" "The Way To Win Your War"


David uses Peter to help make his evil plan a reality in Chicago, and so Peter attempts to convince the leader Evelyn (Naomi Watts) to make a dangerous trade.

11. "You Can't Fly!" "Watch Me."

Want to know how badass Tris Prior is? Watch her steal a plane, learn to fly, and escape from a government compound like it's NBD.

12. "What You Do To This City, You Do To Me"

Four tries to convince Evelyn, his mother, not to go through with David's plan to erase civilians' memories, by telling her that it'll affect him, too; if they all lose memories, he won't remember that she's his mother.

13. "It's Over, Tris." "You're Right. David. It Is Over"


As Tris, seconds away from saving her people by destroying the tower that releases the memory-erasing serum, hears David telling her it's of no use, she chooses not to listen — and instead, shoots at the tower.

14. "We're Gonna Tear Down Our Wall"

A profound statement from Tris, as she speaks to the city once the war has officially ended.

Divergent fans, start memorizing now — you'll want to be repeating some of these quotes until Ascendant rolls around.

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