When Will ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 2 Hit Netflix? Fill The Void With These 9 Other Shows While You Wait

With the season 2 finale of ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder on Thursday, March 17, fans are entering the terrible purgatory that occurs between television seasons, made worse by thrilling shows with twists and tantalizing cliffhangers. This can only be cured with new episodes, though re-watching old seasons can be effective. So, when will How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 be on Netflix? [UPDATE: According to a press release, Netflix will release HTGAWM Season 2 on April 16.]

Last year, Deadline reported that Netflix became the exclusive worldwide streaming home for HTGAWM Season 1. But, what about Season 2? While there is no official word from Netflix yet, I can guess about availability based one when the first season started streaming. According to NetflixLife.com, “The first season came to Netflix on Sep. 18, nearly seven full months since the shocking Season 1 finale aired on Feb. 26.” Season 2 premiered in the same fall time slot as the first season, though the finale is falling one month later. While this means the Netflix launch could be a little later, I doubt it will be by much. Previous seasons of other shows tend to hit Netflix just before a premiere. And, with HTGAWM Season 3’s anticipated fall premiere date, a September Netflix debut for Season 2 is not out of the question.

With a HTGAWM-less spring and summer (which is always a veritable television drought) ahead, fans are searching for other shows to fill this void. Here are 9 shows to watch if you love How To Get Away With Murder.

1. Scandal

Telestrekoza1 on YouTube

A Shonda Rhimes masterpiece filled with the twists and bombshells that HTGAWM fans love. Watch Seasons 1-4 on Netflix now.

2. Grey’s Anatomy

KatherineHeigl on YouTube

Another Shondaland classic, this show has all of her signature traits: Strong characters, surprises, drama, and a complicated web of relationships. Seasons 1-11 are available on Netflix.

3. Private Practice

Rounding out the Shonda Rhimes repertoire, marathon all 6 seasons of the series on Netflix now.

4. House Of Cards

Netflix on YouTube

If you love powerful characters doing shocking, often upsetting things, no one does it better than House Of Cards. The series is a Netflix original and Seasons 1-4 are streaming now.

5. The Good Wife

SerialeFW on YouTube

It’s a legal show with a strong female lead and just the right amount of scandal. What more could a Shonda fan want? The Good Wife is available on Hulu.

6. Damages

DvdAmnesty on YouTube

Another dark, twisting legal series with made more intense with money, power, and family drama. And, this time, Glenn Close is at the helm. See the entire series on Hulu.

7. Revenge

Telestrekoza1 on YouTube

The name says it all. A layered scandal unravels around a young woman seeking vengeance at any cost. Stream all 4 seasons on Netflix.

8. Quantico

JoBlo TV Show Trailers on YouTube

A new Washington, DC set FBI series on ABC, featuring a strong female lead — wait are we sure this isn’t a Shonda Rhimes show? Watch the first season as it airs on ABC and Hulu.

9. Broadchurch

Brenian TVplease on YouTube

BBC America’s Broadchurch follows a murder investigation as two detectives unravel a mysterious case. Broadchurch is available on Netflix.

See? A HTGAWM-less summer won't be so bad, now.

Image: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC