'Game Of Thrones' Script Of Jon Snow's Death Gives Fans Hope & More Reasons To Hate Olly — PHOTO

If you didn't have enough reasons to hate Olly before, here are approximately one million more. Entertainment Weekly reports that the Jon Snow death scene script has been released, and it proves that Olly is the heartless little jerk we all knew him to be. Get a tissue or something for those alligator tears, Olly. Ain't nobody got time for that. But, while my hatred for that little twerp has been reignited, there are bigger, less annoying fish to fry. The most important thing I got out of reading the script was that there is still a glimmer of hope for us Jon Snow fans.

I know, I know, give it up. But, sorry, no. I'm not losing hope until they put his head on a stake like my poor pal Ned Stark. First, let's focus on why Olly is every bit as despicable as we imagined him to be. Despite watching the scene and knowing that the child lured Jon to his "death," when you see it in print, it's almost sinister. There was a cold calculation on the child's part, despite the elders in the group being in on it as well.

For instance, when Olly comes calling for Jon, the script reads that, "There is an urgency in the boy's tone," getting Jon riled up. Then, once Olly tells Jon that Benjen is apparently alive, the script tells us that, "Jon stands, stunned by the news." Are you not weeping? Because I sure am. Olly got the poor guy so excited that his uncle, the very person who got him into the Night's Watch, could be alive, right before he sends Jon to his own death. Oh, and the script is a fun reminder that Olly is the one to deliver Jon his final blow. It's just... wrong. Here's to hoping he gets a stocking full of coal this year, or maybe just a run-in with Arya.

With Judas-like Olly out of the way, now we can get onto the, "Is Jon Snow alive?" of it all. Maybe I'm in denial, whatever. Just go with me on this, will you? You see, the last part of the script reads,

The brothers retreat, leaving Jon to die alone on the ground, bleeding out. The light goes out of his open eyes as we fade on Season 5.

But nowhere does it say that Jon actually dies. Yes, there's some flowery, poetic language that insinuates death, but it isn't over till it's over as far as I am concerned. They "leave Jon alone to die" meaning that he is actively dying... presently. Semantics matter here, y'all. At least to me. I always thought there was something fishy about this scene, considering the finality of the other deaths we've seen on the show. The vagueness of the script just confirms that to me.

You can check out the last damning page of script with your very own eyes, below:

Jon Snow lives... I think?

Image: HBO