15 Plus Size Pastel Clothes To Make Any Season Feel Candy Colored — PHOTOS

The countdown until the first official day of spring is over, so it seems like the perfect time to incorporate plus size pastel clothing into your wardrobe. My closet is about 80 percent black, but when I do play with color, I tend to select a neon or vibrant hue before I think of a soft pastel color like mint or pale coral. There's just something about pastels that still reminds me of the frilly Easter dresses with matching lace gloves that I was forced to wear and that weren't conducive to my 6-year-old self's sartorial aesthetic.

But historical personal experiences aside, there's no reason that I, as a plus size woman, can't wear pastels. Bold colors and patterns aren't the only ways to stand out when it comes to fat fashion. So I set off to embrace pastels this year. I wanted to find soft muted colors in patterns and cuts that made their own important statement, and I found myself entrenched in pale blues and my new favorite color: blush.

I now realize that pastels don't have to make you feel like you're dressed like an Easter egg. And if they do, that's totally OK as well. From pastel goth skater skirts to polished pastel evening gowns, there's a lot of versatility to this color scheme that I was missing out on. Here are 15 of my current fave plus pastel items.

1. Striped

Aspiration Creation Skirt, $50, Mod Cloth

Available in sizes XS to 4X, this striped pastel skirt features pleating that adds an extra detail to the fun pattern of the skirt.

2. Caged And Cropped

Jessica Kane Mint Fresh Crop Top, $35, Society Plus

Released in honor of Society Plus Creative Director Jessica Kane's birthday, this mint crop top makes me want to have my cake and eat it too.

3. Ruffled

Pandora Ruffle Dress, $47, Fashion To Figure

No shade to the peplum, but I've seen it done in pastels for plus size many times. The ruffle detail on this dress is a new take that I'm happy to support.

4. Tailored

Kady Fit SRL Pant, $80, Eloquii

The color of these pants is named "citronelle," and reading that just makes me think of sipping lemonade on a porch swing. That's never a bad way to spend a spring day, weather permitting.

5. Tied-Up

ASOS Curve Beach Dress With Rope Belt, $19, Asos

This dress features a breathable lightweight woven fabric, a relaxed fit, and a braided rope belt that makes me ready to board SS Pastel straight to an island getaway.

6. Pleated

Mint To Be Green Pleated Skirt, $45, Ready To Stare

This woodgrain pastel mint fabric should immidiately give you Golden Girls vibes.

7. Scuba

Madison, $140, Courtney Noelle

This Scuba halter-style dress is something I would wear to tea, Sunday brunch, and even for a night out. But if I had to wear it to a nice dinner after a day of scuba diving, I wouldn't be mad either.

8. Dotted

Dot Print Belted Sateen Shorts, $38, Torrid

These cotton shorts feature a muted peach and white polka palette that should make them easy to pair with a denim jacket on a cool spring night.

9. Shifted

The Kia Dress, $170, Etsy

I may be stretching things by calling this dress a pastel, but the pattern totally draws one in. This piece would look cute belted or left alone.

10. Ghosted

Marshmellow Ghosties Skater Skirt, $37, Etsy

This skater skirt is one part spooky and one part pretty. Handmade to order, you'll be the cutest goth at your seasonal brunch.

11. Lace

Lace Mini, $50, Chubby Cart Wheels

Part of the new Chubby Cartwheels Intimates collection, this sheer lace mini dress is the perfect shade of pale pastel pink. Pair it with some jeans to take it from the bedroom to casual Friday boardroom.

12. Suede

Studio Faux Suede Top, $35, Eloquii

Part of ELOQUII's extended size lookbook, the styling combined with the stunning model for this lightweight faux suede baby blue top sold me on pastel suede for any season.

13. V-Cut

Plus Size V-Cut Romper, $23, Forever 21

The long sleeves on this blush-colored romper eliminate the need for a light spring jacket and could certainly be dressed up or down.

14. High-Waisted

Tropical High Waist Wide Leg Slacks, $135, Jibri Online

Nothing says "sophisticated spring break" like these high-waisted slacks from Jibri. I'd pair them with a piña colada, thank you.

15. To The Max

Fame and Partners Plus River Pastel Maxi Dress, $255, Asos

For a spring wedding, this pastel printed maxi dress will have people staring so hard that you'll be sure to catch the bouquet.

Whatever your personal style may be, incorporating pastel into your wardrobe doesn't have to sacrificing the statement-making.

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Images: Courtesy Brands