One Essential Hack For Getting Rid Of Tan Lines

Sometimes it seems like no matter how much sunscreen you use, tan lines are just unavoidable. Fortunately, if you follow the one essential hack for getting rid of tan lines, no one will ever know that your swimsuit had tons of cool straps. Funny enough, the solution requires a different kind of tan!

You'll need two things to successfully get rid of tan lines when you don't have a lot of time, according to Glamour. For the best tan line removal hack ever, arm yourself with some self-tanner and a paint brush. Say what? Let me explain.

You can't speed up the natural process of skin shedding to make tan lines fade, but you can fake it simply by painting over your pale marks with self-tanner. Yup, it's time to channel your inner artist if you want those funky pale spots to be gone. I'll break down the steps below for how you'll do just that.

This tan line hack is especially near and dear to my heart because after wearing a crocheted swimsuit and forgetting to apply sunscreen all over, I ended up with tan lines that made my stomach and shoulders look like a knit blanket. It was less than awesome. Luckily, my friends were willing to help me "paint" away my tan lines over the next week, and I was ready to wear strapless dresses again in no time.

If you're in the same awkward tan line boat, it's time to grab your paint brush! Here's how to cover up your tan lines.

1. Exfoliate

Cherry Sugar Scrub, $12, The Beekeeper Shop

First and foremost, you want to start with the smoothest skin possible. Reach for either an exfoliator scrub or loofah, hop in the shower, and go to town.

2. Paint Away

Faux Tan Sunless Body Tanner, $21, Amazon

Once your skin is totally dry post-shower, dip a paint brush into gradual self-tanner and apply it to only the pale tan lines. You might need to repeat this step for several days to get your pale skin the same tone as your sun tan.

3. Blend With Bronzer

Bronzer Powder, $17, Sephora

For a #Flawless finish, brush a little bronzer over your whole tan to blend everything together with a touch of shimmer and match the fake tan with your natural tan. Et voila! Tan lines be gone.

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Images: Author's Own; Courtesy of Brands