10 Ways To Snap Out Of A Reading Slump

by Julia Seales

It happens to even the most hardcore readers: you're going along, making your way steadily through your TBR list. You have plenty of recommendations for what all your friends should read, because you're so up to date on the newest book releases. Of course, for every movie that comes out, you read the book first. And classics? You could talk all day about your favorite classics!

And then it happens. You get stuck... in a reading slump.

All of a sudden, you put down the 10+ books you were reading, and end up binge watching Netflix instead. You scroll aimlessly through social media instead of blazing through a few chapters at night. And suddenly, one afternoon, someone asks casually, "What have you been reading lately?" And you realize you have NO ANSWER.

Reading slumps are the worst. Sometimes, it seems like you just can't shake the lack of motivation to read, even if you're a lifelong book-lover who dreams of owning the beast's library from Beauty and the Beast. Luckily, though, there are a few steps you can take to snap yourself out of the slump. Just try one or all of the following, and you'll be back on track in no time.

Re-read Your Favorite Book

Nothing will remind you of how much you love reading like revisiting an old favorite. Find your well-worn copy of Pride and Prejudice or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and you'll feel as if you're visiting your BFF. You already know what's going to happen in the next chapter, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the story.

Go To A Bookstore

The obvious cure for a lack of reading motivation? BUY MORE BOOKS. I like to root through the bargain section to find weird and quirky deals, which has cured many a book slump before. If you're tired of looking at the TBR pile in your room (or TBR bookshelf, as I have unfortunately collected), try going for something shiny and new to pique your interest.

Go To The Library

Of course, if you'd rather not spend your entire paycheck on books (been there, done that, can't stop), find another way to find something shiny and new to attract your attention: go to the library! You can even check out a huge stack of books. Read the first few chapters of all of them, and eventually you're sure to find something that grabs your attention.

Read Something Light

If you just can't get into any novels at the moment, try starting with something light. Pick up a graphic novel, a fun young adult book, or a collection of short stories. I like to read thrillers when I'm in a reading slump, because the attention-grabbing beginnings pull me right into the story, leaving me no time to get lost in "you just have to get into it" intros.

Set Small Goals

When I have a long book that I really want to finish, I divide it up into small sections. I put post-it notes on each section, and when I get to the end of that chapter, I get to take out the post-it note. Seeing that I only have to read twenty pages is a lot less daunting than seeing a thousand page book. If you work a little every day, you've suddenly read Clarissa.

Organize Your Bookshelf

Organized bookshelf, organized mind. That's a saying, right? I'm going to go with yes, because whenever I organize my bookshelf, I feel a spark of motivation. Think of how beautiful all those TBR books will look on your shelf, once you finally read them!

Find The Perfect Pick For Your Mood

There are so many great resources for finding the perfect book for your mood. If you're in a slump, chances are you just haven't found the right book for what you need at the moment. From Goodreads' listopia to our recs here on Bustle to your BFF who always knows your taste in literature, use resources from other readers and you'll be out of the slump in no time.

Fill In Unused Time With Reading

Do you have a long metro commute to work? Some time in the morning when you could be reading, instead of watching TV as you drink your coffee? Find small pockets of unused time, and slip in some reading.

Listen To An Audiobook

My favorite way to get out of a reading slump is to listen to an audiobook. It's like making someone else do the work for you. Is the book hard to get into? Well, you're going to get into it, because the reader will just keep on reading. Plus, you can listen to audiobooks while getting ready in the mornings or when you're driving around town. It's the perfect solution for literary multitaskers.

Read A Book With Someone

Nothing is more motivating than your BFF who just read an awesome book and really wants to talk about it. Whether you read a book for a club, or just for fun with a friend, reading something at the same time as someone else can help keep you accountable... and pull you out of that reading slump.

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