Where To Buy The Good Promise From 'Shark Tank' & Get Your Smoothies On The Go

As someone who has recently embarked on a healthier lifestyle, smoothies have become one of my favorite dessert options. But as someone who is also lazy, I don't always feel like dragging out the ingredients and cleaning my blender... or paying a billion dollars for someone else to do it at Planet Smoothie. If you've ever felt the smoothie struggle, your life is about to get way simpler. On Shark Tank , company The Good Promise wants to solve this problem with a drink that's healthy, inexpensive, and requires no prep time. If drinking a smoothie was as easy as grabbing a pouch from a fridge, wouldn't you want that convenience? That's what this company is banking on.

On this week's episode, CEO Karen Posada will take on the sharks and try to sell her product, which aims to create a nutritious drink without sacrificing flavor. Healthy ingredients, cute packaging, and a low price — where could it go wrong? Unfortunately, there's one problem: There are already a ton of companies out there that make smoothies and similar products. So what sets The Good Promise apart? Here's everything you need to know.

The Product Was Inspired By A Road Trip

According to The Good Promise's website:

We came up with the idea on a road trip. We wanted something healthier, portable and of higher quality than what we found on the road. So we created a line of delicious drinks that would appeal to the on the go consumer that is searching for healthier alternatives.

It's true — if you're trying to eat healthy on a road trip, you're basically out of luck. But if you could bring a yummy, portable smoothie with you, it might stop you from grabbing chicken nuggets on the way. Or, you know, at least you'd get your fruits and veggies in plus your chicken nuggets, which isn't a bad compromise.

You Can Already Buy The Drinks Online

The smoothie pouches are available on The Good Promise's website, and for $16, you get eight pouches — and at $2 a smoothie, that's a lot cheaper than they're sold most other places. Plus, they come in a variety of flavors, from fruity to more vegetable and protein based.

And One Of Them Could Even Replace Your Morning Coffee

In the Power Squeeze veggie burst, you not only get a smoothie, you also get a little bit of a boost with green tea extract. If you're not a morning person but you're trying to cut out coffee, this could be a good alternative.

It's Kid Friendly

Posada admitted on her blog that part of the reason she created The Good Promise was to get her kids to eat vegetables. And if picky kids will eat something, you know it's delicious.

I hope The Good Promise succeeds, because I'd love to see these in stores. And if you're craving a smoothie right now... don't worry, you're not alone.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC, The Good Promise (4)