The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Just Added Another 'Bunheads' Star To The Cast, So Does This Mean A Crossover Is Happening?

This Gilmore Girls revival just keeps getting better and better — and this news coming off of the set today just adds to that. According to a picture that was posted on Twitter Wednesday, it looks like former Bunheads actress Bailey De Young may be joining the Gilmore Girls revival cast as a character named Heidi. The picture shows a trailer marked with multiple cast members’ names, one of which is De Young’s. And if the news is true, that makes De Young the second former Bunheads actress to be cast in the Gilmore Girls revival. And of course this news has me wondering — hoping, really — that if there are multiple Bunheads actresses in the revival, is there going to be some amazing Bunheads/Gilmore Girls crossover? And, more importantly, will Sutton Foster be reviving her Bunheads character for the series?

Because that really would just be a dream come true. Two Amy Sherman-Palladino series coming together in one glorious mash up for all of her avid fans to enjoy. If Sutton Foster were reviving her Bunheads character, Lorelai Gilmore and Michelle Simms hanging out together would be as exciting as when Ben and Jerry’s started blending their favorite flavors together. What’s better than one amazing show being rebooted? Two amazing shows being given a second wind!

But, of course, nothing has been confirmed either way. Who Sutton Foster’s character will be in the Gilmore Girls revival is not clear at this point — and, even if there were some sort of Bunheads reboot in the GG revival, Foster might have the same characteristics, but likely not the same name. Even Bailey De Young is playing a character whose name is different than her Bunheads character: Fans of the show will remember that De Young played Ginny Thompson in Bunheads, but by the looks of the picture from the set of the Gilmore Girls revival, it looks like her character name this time around is actually Heidi.

So a direct mash-up of these two amazing shows is looking a little less likely with this news. But, if by chance the photo is wrong or there is some sort of indirect reference to their Bunheads characters happening in the Gilmore Girls revival, you won’t hear me complaining.