'The Big Lebowski' on Ice, Everybody

Some people do things like this with their lives. They practice day in and day out, they go to the Olympics, they become world famous, and they win gold medals in figure skating. Then, some people do what I do with my life: This sit and home and binge watch Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami for hours. You know — two different kinds of people. Tara Lipinski is definitely the former: The now-retired figure skater rose to fame back in the late '90s when she took home the gold medal for figure skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics at the age of only 15. What were you doing at 15? Probably not winning gold medals! (Unless you are Tara Lipinski reading this, in which case: That's what you were doing.) Lipinski may be retired now, but that doesn't mean she's stopped skating — she still owns the ice like a pro, especially when opportunities like this come up: In a short clip for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Tara Lipinski performed a figure skating routine inspired by The Big Lebowski , all while holding a White Russian drink in her hand. Without spilling it at all! Girl's got skillz.

The clip is creatively titled The Big Lipinski , and features Lipinski gliding along the ice at Rockefeller Center's world famous ice rink in NYC. I suppose the clip is in honor of the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics, but since those are proving to be a complete and utter disaster at the moment (Dagestani terrorists?!), I choose to just enjoy the clip without any Olympics connections.

Check out the clip below.