Kylie, Please Stop Going To Bieber's House

Kylie Jenner might have jumped the Kardashian ship and landed on the Bieber plane and that is probably not a good place for her. (Or for actual trained pilots for that matter.) Kylie Jenner has been hanging out with Lil Za and the pictures of her smizing on his Instagram account prove it. Now if you haven't been following the recent trials and tribulations of Justin Bieber, you might not be familiar with Lil Za. Basically, he's Bieber's friend who was there the night his house was raided and was found with cocaine. He was also recently charged with THREE felonies: possession of Ecstasy, possession of Oxycontin, and for ripping a phone off of a wall while in jail. So yeah, no one should currently be hanging out with Lil Za.

In particular, 16-year-old Kylie Jenner should not be hanging out with him. Lil Za is 20, which isn't a huge age difference from 16, but it is a huge deal to have three felony charges. Jenner hasn't had a normal life considering she's been filmed for Keeping Up with the Kardashians ever since she was a young child, so it wouldn't be surprising if she maybe makes some not-so-wise decisions whenever she gets the chance to be off camera. The idea being, "Hey! I'm not being filmed for the show! Let's go wild!" Plus, one of the places Jenner and Za hung out was Justin Bieber's "weed kitchen." I would think any teenager, famous or not, would take the opportunity to go there because then you could at least laugh at the fact that you were in Justin Bieber's "weed kitchen." Hell, maybe she even laughs with her friends at Lil Za. "Oh my gosh, can you believe we hung out with Lil Za? He has, like, three felonies. That's, like, crazy."

The point is, Kylie Jenner hasn't had a chance for an average life since the moment KUWTK started filming and that's just the way it is, but just because someone doesn't have an average life, doesn't mean they're going to turn out messed up. If they hang out with Bieber and Lil Za they might though. So Kylie's best bet is to not join the Bieber gang. History has proven that it doesn't end well.

Image: Lil Za/Instagram