Rory Gilmore's Style Changed A Lot Over The Years

by Alexa Dragoumis

While she isn't Blair Waldorf, Rory Gilmore's simple yet elegant style is definitely something worth emulating! As I was looking back on a few old photos from Gilmore Girls, I also couldn't help but notice Rory's style evolution throughout the seasons — it's incredible. But one thing remained consistent throughout: she always dressed well.

If you haven't already been binge watching the show on Netflix, maybe these looks will give you a little inspiration to start. From plaid school-girl skirts to sophisticated college and work attire, there are a few looks from Rory's closet that are about to give you a major blast from the past! Just like the rest of us, her style evolved quite a bit over time, so whether you're in high school, in college, or are a working professional, you're guaranteed to enjoy at least one of these.

Plus, if you're a fan of the preppy look like me, not too much has changed! After all, there's a thing or two we can learn from Rory's style, like, for example, how a cable knit sweater and a couple of button downs are always staples you should have in your closet. And in the case of Rory's style, less certainly is more.

So, calling all 90's gals — let's rewind it back to the beginning!

1. Chilton Uniform Pt. 1

Doesn't that plaid skirt make you wish your high school had uniforms?

2. Chilton Uniform Pt. 2

If you've taken a look at J.Crew's sweater selection lately, I'm pretty sure this look soft grey sweater is among them (Chilton patch not included).

3. First Dance

Remember when off-the-shoulder was the look for dances? Precious!

4. Golf Outing With Grandpa

Since we all know Richard Gilmore is super dapper, Rory's colorful hat really is necessary for a day out with her grandfather.

5. College Cool

Still rocking the plaid skirt like a pro, Rory adds a leather jacket into the mix.

6. Casual On Campus

And as she moves away from high school uniforms, we start to see more pops of color in her wardrobe (but she still can't stay away from plaid).

7. All Grown Up

Near the end of series, Rory's wardrobe takes a turn for the more professional, but she still has fun with patterns.

Photos: The CW (6)