Please, Channing, Don't Be THAT Guy

Ugh, Channing Tatum, please don't be this guy. Please don't be this guy who throws around the word "fat" to describe your probable five pound weight gain. It's not becoming, and all of us here at Bustle hope you know much better than that. Unfortunately, this is pretty much what happened when the Magic Mike star appeared on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently: According to People, Channing Tatum described himself as "fat and happy" when DeGeneres asked him how he feels about always being asked to take his clothes off.

"You definitely don't want that right now," Tatum joked. When asked why, he responded: "Right now – what me and my wife [Jenna Dewan Tatum] like to call it, I am very 'fappy,'...I'm very fat and happy right now," he continued. "I've been working for two straight years, and now it's some really needed downtime."

Sure, he had innocent intentions and was only kidding, but still — take one look at the video below and just try to claim that Tatum is at all overweight. He's not, and throwing the word around is a bit irresponsible on his part.

Anyway, you can check out one clip from his appearance — in which he talks about his adorable 8-month old daughter — below.