18 Spring Memes That Tell It How It Is

March 20 may be the first day of spring, but sometimes the weather doesn't exactly want to cooperate. These funny spring memes tell it how it is, and they seem ever so applicable as some East Coast snow storms have an impending visit this weekend. It may be spring on the books, but it still feels a lot like winter in the forecast.

Along with some good, old joking about the weather, I had to include some of the best animal-related memes of the season too. With animals coming out of hibernation in the spring, it seemed only appropriate... and I can never turn down a good picture of Grumpy Cat. Or a couple of puppies. Or a chipmunk standing on its hind legs with its arms open wide. Or... well, you get the idea.

You can take your puffy coat off of the coat rack, but don't go storing it in the closet just yet. Spring might be here, but it might not feel like it for a while. Sorry, I'm just preparing you for the reality of things. If you're looking for seasonal news that's a little more cheerful, just keep thinking about how once spring does decide to show its face, it's going to be that much more appreciated.

No matter what the season, there is always a struggle.

So stop complaining, already.

Celebrate the beginning of spring with an overload of cuteness.

Isn't that always the question?

We've been waiting patiently over here...

There's a downside to everything, isn't there?

I will not put up with your snowy antics.

I feel this chipmunk so hard right now.

One day, we will get Grumpy Cat to smile. One day.

Now that is what I call efficiency.

Bad dog.


Snow for dayssssss.

Nothing like a good pun to get you in the spirit, am I right?

Playing in the snow is fun, but not when it's the middle of March.

No, that icy wilderness is definitely not it.

To be fair, allergies are the worst.

Thanks, Mother Nature... for nothing.

Images: MemeCenter (18)