Twitter Reacts To Kylie’s Kourt K Lip Kit Announcement & Her Fans Have Gone Wild — PHOTOS

Well, the youngest Jenner has officially debuted her latest Lip Kit color, and obviously, the Internet has some serious feels about it. The world of Twitter reacted to Kylie's Kourt K Lip Kit Announcement in some intense (and intensely varied) ways. Read on to find out what side you fall on!

If you're thinking, "Wait, what? Kylie put out something new?!" don't worry, it literally just happened. In true Jenner fashion, she surprised her fans via social media on Thursday afternoon. The latest shade named after the cute celeb's sis is a deep magenta-popped plum hue that would look equally awesome paired with a swimsuit as it would with a little black dress.

As for some good news on top of good news, given how good Jenner's team has been about restocking Kylie lip kits, there's a solid chance you'll actually get to snag one of the coveted kits soon. Even if you have no intention of ever actually trying to dive into the fierce competition and get a kit for yourself, you can't deny following the Twitter convos is pretty entertaining. I mean, people get some intense feelings about these lip colors, and the tweets can be pretty giggle-inducing.

Check out the new Lip Kit shade for yourself and see how you react:

The "So Much Love It Hurts" Crowd:

The Peeps That Know How Real The Restock Struggle Is:

The "Maybe Not As Obsessed" Crowd ...

Also, This Winner:

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