How To Use Highlighter On Your Cupid's Bow

In my opinion, highlighter is one of the greatest makeup products ever to be made. Whether you use it to enhance your cheekbones, your inner eyelids, or to just give your face a bright and sparkly glow, highlighter can elevate your makeup game, bringing it to the next level. I consider myself to be somewhat of a highlighter expert, but there is one thing I still haven't done with the handy product: use highlighter on my cupid's bow for a fuller pout. I've heard about the hack, but I never thought to try it until now.

I took it to the Internet to learn why highlighter could be the one product everyone's been searching for in their mission to recreate a luscious, Kylie-esque pout. Model Jessica Stam told Elle, "The best kept secret that I've learned from makeup artists is to add a bit of highlighter or shimmer to your cupid's bow. It instantly opens up your lips and makes them look twice as large. I do this every time I go to an event." So that's why everyone puts highlighter on top of their lips!

Beauty blogger, Trisha Bartle, agrees with Stam. In a blog post on Makeup Files, Bartle wrote, "For the same reason that you highlight your brow bone, cheekbones or the inner corner of your eye: to add dimension and brightness to your face. Unfortunately, the cupid’s bow dimple is often forgotten."

Highlighting my lips is definitely something I never do, so I wanted to see if it really made a difference. Armed with me Watt's Up Highlighter Cream from Benefit, I decided to try it out for myself.

Benefit "Watt's Up!" Cream-To-Powder Highlighter, $30, Sephora

1. I Applied It To My Cupid’s Bow

First, I applied the cream to my cupid's bow and then let it sit. Because of the size of my highlighter I found it easier to just do a straight line from the bottom of my nose to the top of my lip.

2. I Dabbed A Little All Around

Next I took a little bit of the highlighter on my fingers and dabbed them around my lips. I put a little on the top, on the sides, and then on the bottom.

3. I Blended It In

After I placed the highlighter where it needed to be, I took a sponge blender and blended it into my foundation.

4. I Applied Lip Gloss Over Lipstick

Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick, $17, Sephora

First, I put on my lipstick.

Benefit Hoola Ultra Plush Lip Gloss, $16, Macy's

After, I put lip gloss on top of it for a more enhanced touch. I found that the neutral lip gloss worked in favor with the highlighter, and that they both complimented each other.

The Verdict

Since I have naturally full lips, I thought this hack would make my pout appear too large. However, I was really happy with the result and thought that the highlighter did a great job in accenting my lips, just enough to make them subtly stand out. Through this experiment, I discovered that if you want to go for a glowier, brighter look, definitely use a highlighter instead of a concealer around your lips.

Overall, I say that highlighting your cupid's bow can definitely be worth it! It's such a simple thing to do, and is super effective. If you want that effortless glow and a little touch of brightness around your pout to show off your brand new red lipstick, using a highlighter is the way to go. I'm definitely going to add this hack to my beauty routine more often.

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Images: Danelle Sandoval