The Best 'Gilmore Girls' Episode To Watch Right Now, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We all know that settling in and taking up residence for seven years worth of Stars Hollow antics is a guaranteed dream come true. But, when it comes time to pick a cherished episode to rewatch during a marathon Netflix sesh of Gilmore Girls, plowing through all 154 episodes can lead you down an unwinding rabbit hole of well, no fresh air for days. Seeing as it's only tradition to let the stars help you with your love life, career, health, and money situation — why shouldn't it decide which Gilmore Girls episode you should watch when you want to take a quick pit stop in your favorite sleepy Connecticut township?

Whether you're a zodiac fiend or believe horoscopes are about as real as stick-on eyelashes and Kylie Jenner's lips, letting your star sign guide your viewing choices is something you have to admit is a fun way to plan your next Gilmore Girls mini-marathon. Let's face it: the world of the Stars Hollow is boundless, and, while the nostalgia and attachment can make combing through each season and for an episode to watch can feel like an exhausting process, it is far easier to skip all that and let your zodiac sign be your guide.

Either way, the end result is you snuggling up to all the drama, laughs, and whims of Lorelai and Rory without any dramatics of your own.

Aries: "The Road Trip To Harvard" — Season 2, Episode 4

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, strong, determined, energetic, and turbulent. With a fire sign like yours, the ultimate episode has to be "The Road Trip To Harvard." After Lorelai canceled her wedding day plans with Max, just a few days before the actual event, she realizes the fire of adrenaline and excitement had dwindled and the relationship was no longer right for her. Like an Aries, Lorelai fell in love straight away and expressed it quickly, but she would never allow herself to be overrun by a man. She craves love, but, at the same time, just like an Aries, she wants to be in a position of control all the time. In this episode, she definitely was.

Taurus: "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" — Season 3, Episode 7

Tauruses are powerful and reliable, stable and conservative, but still extremely stubborn and overprotective. Similarly, "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" — widely regarded as possibly the best episode in the series — features Rory's relationship with Dean reaching a breaking point, and him leaving her stranded and broken-hearted on the dance floor for being too into Jess. Much happens in this episode, like in a Taurus' everyday routine, but Season 3, Episode 7 was the epitome of the patience that a Taurus needs in a relationship. When trust and sincerity are nonexistent, all hell will break lose.

Gemini: "I Can't Get Started" — Season 2, Episode 22

Geminis are expressive and quick-witted, but they definitely also have two very different sides of their personality. In "I Can't Get Started," Christopher dashes right back into Lorelai's life, only to dash back out and run from his commitments. They spend a romantic evening together before Sookie and Jackson's wedding, but then we find out that he has gotten another woman pregnant and, just like that, he is out again. Like Geminis, Chris, Lorelai, and Rory are continuously searching to fill that missing feeling of their other half... oy with the poodles already.

Cancer: "Love, Daisies and Troubadours" — Season 1, Episode 21

We all know Cancers are hopeless romantics, who are deeply intuitive, sentimental, and sensitive. In the history of greatest, sweetest, and most epic of wedding proposals, Max Medina's was one of the best. As an ode to all the Cancer loving hearts out there, here are not 1,001, or 999, but 1,000 yellow daisies.

Leo: "Friday Night's Alright For Fighting" — Season 6, Episode 13

Leos are natural born leaders, dramatic, self-confident, dominant, and extremely hard to resist. But, just like the strong lion, Leos will never turn down a good fight. With Gilmore Girls being known for its witty banter and epic fights, this episode took the cake for the best family argument(s) in the seven-year marathon. No stone was left unturned and no issue left unresolved, just like when Leos get into it.

Virgo: "The Deer Hunters" — Season 1, Episode 4

Virgos, just like Rory, like to organize, alphabetize, analyze, and outwit. Though they can be tightly conservative, when things get messy, their goals and dreams remain untouched, like in this episode when Rory gets a bad grade on a paper and Lorelai helps her cram for her Shakespeare exam. Rory's methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance, like a Virgo. She continues to pile on the work, doubting herself, but ensuring perfection and success are at her forefront.

Libra: "Raincoats and Recipes" — Season 4, Episode 22

Libras hate being alone. They surround themselves with beauty and look for justice at every turn. They also look for justification at every turn. Coupled with all these traits, this Season 4 finale episode had all the makings of being a Libra's favorite. Like Luke and Dean made finding the right partner a priority in their lives, but, at first, they tried to maintain peace. When it got to the point of loneliness being too unnatural, they did all they could to please Rory and Lorelai and ultimately won their hearts. But it wouldn't be a Gilmore Girls episode without a little drama...

Scorpio: "Ted Koppel's Big Night Out" — Season 4, Episode 9

Scorpios are very passionate and assertive people. They live to experience and express emotions, but can be super jealous and secretive. Richard Gilmore is all of these things, and, when a large secret is revealed to Emily at a tailgate party for a Yale football game while Richard is clearly in his element, it will have Scorpio fans really feeling like there is a mirror held up to their lives.

Sagittarius: "Those Are Strings, Pinocchio" — Season 3, Episode 22

Sagittarius-borns are energetic, curious, open-minded, and quite optimistic. Their philosophical views motivate their extroverted nature to experience as much as possible and to wander. This episode showed the most Sag traits with Rory. She came outside of herself and was valedictorian, she was off to travel the world and achieve her goals, just like her mother and Sookie on getting the inn. Like a Sag, this episode turned visions into reality, and everyone was doing whatever they could to achieve their dreams.

Capricorn: "Written in the Stars" — Season 5, Episode 3

When it comes to practicality and traditional values, Capricorn is always the first. There is nothing more important in a Capricorn's life than family, and they are ultimately the masters of self-control. In this episode, Luke and Lorelai have their long-awaited first date. Lorelai finally falls for Luke after he woos her (after eight years) by making her feel safe, keeping it classy, and allowing her to steer the relationship only when she was ready. Truly all the things a Cap loves.

Aquarius: "You Jump, I Jump, Jack" — Season 5, Episode 7

Those who are born as an Aquarius are naturally shy and quiet, but are deep thinkers and highly intellectual people who love helping others. Intellectual stimulation is by far their greatest aphrodisiac for Aquarius. There's nothing they love more than intrigue, interesting conversation, openness, communication, imagination, and openness — and that can all be found in this episode where Rory becomes attracted to Logan and follows him on the adventures of the Life and Death Brigade. In the name of journalism, of course.

Pisces: "The Festival of Living Art" — Season 4, Episode 7

Pisces are by far the most emotional of all signs, but they are also the most artistic and incorrigible romantics. This episode unveiled all the theatrics, culture, music and love that a Pisces could possibly want or need with traditional masterpieces, incredible makeup, and witty banter. In "Festival of Living Art," Stars Hollow hosts the festival of living pictures, which involves the entire town recreating famous art pieces in real time. Kirk goes way overboard in his portrayal of "Jesus" in the last supper, and the overall sentiment of the episode weighs heavily on bringing art to life.

Yeah, I realize Lorelai and Rory would mock this list incessantly, but definitely not after they watched their favourite episode that matched them to a T. No matter which episode matches your sign, they're all worth another look.

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