9 DIY Foot Soaks & Scrubs That Will Up Your At Home Pedicure Game

There is perhaps nothing more ooh or aww-inducing than a full-on soak/scrub/love pedicure. If you're craving that heavenly foot feeling on the cheap, consider whipping up these DIY foot soaks and scrubs for at home pedicures. Invite your friends over and go all in!

As much as I love going to salons for pedicures, I am poor and live in Brooklyn. This has been a surprisingly good thing because when I want to give myself some hardcore beauty love, it becomes a totally glorious DIY affair that turns into a the girliest of sleepovers.

Just because I'm "adulting" doesn't mean calling up my girls and watching movies, doing pedicures, and baking cupcakes has become any less cool. There's just wine involved now, too! #Winning

If you're wanting to treat yourself and have some fun with your pals, I would encourage you to not only make some of these ultra soothing DIY foot soaks and scrubs, but also consider making DIY moisturizing hair masks, easy DIY face masks, and maybe even DIY lip balm! I know, I know, I'm DIY addicted. I have no shame.

Scroll below and prepare for the softest, happiest feet ever.

1. Sweet Peppermint Foot Scrub

Peppermint Essential Oil, $6.10, NowFoods

As shared on NaturalBeautyTips, swirl together 1/2 cup each granulated sugar and coconut oil, and finish it off with a few drops of peppermint essential oil for a sweet and clean peppermint scrub. Soak your feet in a warm bath, scrub away, and then rinse. #Bliss

2. Epsom Salt Foot Soak

Epsom Salt, $14.22, Morton

Epsom salt is a classic soaking ingredient for a reason. HealthExtremist pointed how an epsom foot soak can relieve muscle pain and flush out toxins. Just pour a 1/4 cup epsom salt into a shallow bowl large enough for both your feet filled with warm water and let the day fade away.

3. Sugar Cookie Foot Scrub

Organic Dark Brown Sugar, $4.75, Wholesome Sweeteners

Head over to SoLetsHangOut for her so nom-inducing sugar cookie foot scrub with vanilla and brown sugar.

4. Lemonade Foot Scrub

Another NaturalBeautyTips recipe, mix together 1 cup of granulated sugar with 1/4 cup coconut oil and 4 drops of lemon essential oil for a super refreshing foot scrub that's basically like rubbing sunshine on your feet.

5. Honey Foot Soak

Possibly the easiest antioxidant-infused foot soak ever, pour a cup of honey into a shallow tub of hot water and soak for fifteen minutes. Your feet will feel so soft and sweet after.

6. Mojito Foot Soak

This lime and mint foot soak from TidyMom is infused with lime zest to help quell the stank and epsom salts to soothe.

7. Coffee Foot Scrub

ShineBeautifully blog has an epic coffee foot scrub recipe with fresh ground coffee, lavender, and cornmeal. It's basically heaven.

8. Avocado Foot Scrub

Oh avocado, is there anything can't do? YourBeautyBlog used the blessed fruit to create an avocado foot scrub that is ultra-soothing and moisturizing.

9. Lavender Foot Soak

My own concoction and personal favorite foot soak is bursting with sweet lavender. Simply fill the bottom of a tub with hot water, add three to four drops of lavender essential oil and 1/4 cup epsom salt for the coziest soak of your freaking life.

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