Is the Twitter Algorithmic Timeline Optional? Here's How To Turn It Off If You Don't Want It

If you logged in this morning to tweet out your daily dose of a.m. wisdom to the world and Twitter looked a little funky to you, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you — Twitter's new algorithmic timeline just changed how your timeline is organized. But if you're not keen to the change like me, you're probably wondering, Is the Twitter algorithmic timeline optional? Good news, my pretties! It definitely is, and I'm here to show you exactly how to opt-out of this random pattern of tweet consumption.

The algorithmic timeline isn't exactly a total surprise. Back in February, Twitter teased the new feature with a soft pre-launch — users could opt-in to the new timeline feature in order to see some of the tweets they presumably missed since their last log-in, as opposed to viewing their feed in the classic reverse chronological order we've all come to know and love since Twitter first launched. The new system is not unlike the social media network's "While You Were Away" feature, which floats the "best" tweets to the top of the stream.

How does Twitter decide what tweets qualify as the best, though? According to a support document referencing Twitter's new algorithmic timeline, "Tweets you are likely to care about most will show up first in your timeline. We choose them based on accounts you interact with most, Tweets you engage with, and much more."

So if you're still not digging this update to your Twitter feed, follow these easy steps to opt-out.

1. Log In To Twitter

Obviously, right? Since most of us stay logged in, this step may seem superfluous. However, it's important to mention because this first step is the same whether you are logging in via, Twitter for Android, or Twitter for iOS. From here, let's branch out by manner of access.

If You're On

2. Go To Settings

In the upper right corner of your profile on, you'll see the icon of your profile pic. If you click on it, a drop-down list appears. Scroll down and click on Settings.

3. Toggle The Timeline Box

Once you've clicked the Settings tab, you're taken to a page showing all of your — you guessed it — account settings options. On the landing page, you'll see a section titled "Content." Find the Timeline section, and toggle off the box that says "Show me the best Tweets first." Because this is a big decision in your Twitter world, they'll make you re-enter your password for safety purposes.

If You're On Twitter For Android

2. Tap The Overflow Icon

That's the little vertical ellipsis looking thing in the upper right corner, ICYMI.

3. Tap Settings

When you tap the overflow icon, a drop down menu will appear. Settings should be next to last on the list — click it.

4. Tap On Timeline

Now that you're in the Settings area, a list will appear with myriad options. About midway down the list, you'll see Timeline. If you're guessing you need to tap on it, you'd be right.

5. Toggle The Timeline Box

Now just toggle off the box that says "Show me the best Tweets first," just as if you were on Easy peasy!

If You're On Twitter For iOS

2. Tap The Gear Icon

Admittedly, I'm an Android convert... so I don't have any screen grabs for you. You're just going to have to trust me on this one, bub.

3. Select Settings

Under settings, you may be given an option to tap the account whose settings you'd like to adjust, depending on how many you control.

4. Tap On Timeline

I assume this looks a lot like it does if you were using Android (see above).

5. Tap Timeline Personalization

One key difference betwen the steps using Android and iOS is that here you'll need to also tap Timeline Personalization. This should bring up the "Show me the best Tweets first" box which, predictably, you'll toggle off.

Images: Pexels; Julie Sprankles/Bustle