Kristen Bell Helped Empower 'Frozen's Message

Oh, Kristen Bell; how do we love thee? We'd count the ways but they are myriad, as the Veronica Mars actress and cool feminist mom you want to be has consistently impressed us with her vigilance in the self-acceptance movement, to say nothing about the tempered and modern way in which she engages with the world. So it's really no surprise that, in a recent interview with BuzzFeed, Bell let us all in on a little secret: you have Kristen Bell to thank for how Disney's Frozen came to be.

If you loved the way that the story of Frozen told a sibling love story between Princesses Anna (Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel), you should know that wasn't exactly Disney's plan for the film initially. "The movie was not written like that at all ... It was meant to be a story between these two girls, but we scrapped the entire script 12 months in," Bell revealed.

It wasn't until Bell, the producers, and directors involved got down on that collaborative tip that the film's incredibly feminist and love-yourself-first message sprang forth. It was a long-time-coming for Bell, a self-professed Disney fan. "Every idea I brought to the table, they built upon ... The script kept telling us what it was meant to be and it was meant to be a love story between these two siblings."

And while Bell found that her character was initially written "what I would call, prissy" and "very girly," the actress "pushed more for something weirder. Something different. Something more unique and unlike anything we’d seen before." Resulting in the Elsa/Anna bond that has inspired so many fervent fan reactions.

"I love this character this much," Bell continued, no doubt making her baby daughter Lincoln proud (or at least she will be when she reads this in a few years). "I believed in the story because it was different and new and untold. Then, having it actually be a box office success is amazing. I don't think I'll ever be able to properly articulate how happy that makes me."

And we don't think there are enough variations on the word "thank you" to showcase our appreciation of Bell's strong, badass, and powerfully feminist ways.