Marvel's 'Luke Cage' Teaser Trailer Will Get You Pumped For The Next Superhero Coming To Netflix

If you thought Daredevil Season 2 was going to be the only Marvel franchise you'd be obsessing over this weekend, then you are sorely mistaken. Netflix has just released the very first Luke Cage trailer, found at the end of Daredevil, that's sure to send your superhero senses into overdrive and get you pumped for the series' Sept. 30 debut. The clip may only be 24 seconds long, but it still does a great job of giving viewers a sense of what they're going to be in for. "I guess you guys haven't heard about me," Cage says right before a swarm of men open fire on him — a lot of good that'll do — which prompts the indestructible vigilante to cleverly retort (after getting riddled with bullets), "I'm about sick of always having to buy new clothes."

Same, dude. Same. He may not be able to feel pain with that unbreakable skin of his, but I can totally sympathize (if not entirely relate) with his wardrobe woes. I guess this just means that he'll have to be shirtless all the time. (Please? I don't think any viewers, or Jessica Jones, would mind.) No specific storyline is indicated in the promo, but just seeing this character in action again is enough to satisfy my curiosity. Well, for now, at least. Hopefully, Marvel will reveal some trailer that are a little more telling between now and Sept. 30.

But for now, Luke Cage is back, my friends, and he's just as badass (and sassy) as ever before. Click here to view the trailer firsthand and prepare yourselves for what's sure to be an action-packed first season.

Image: Netflix