11 Best 'FANatic' Moments That Prove This Show Was An Underrated MTV Gemstone

From 1998 to 2000, MTV gave us FANatic, a gift of a series that documented what happened when a non-celebrity got to meet their favorite famous person. The conceit of the show was pretty straightforward: Every episode, a super fan (or two) was selected from a stack of submission tapes and then given the opportunity to sit next to and interview their number one celebrity. (Knowing the prize that was on the line, I can only assume that the pile of hopeful FANatic audition tapes could fill that storage warehouse from the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.) To be chosen by FANatic was quite the honor: Not only did you get to meet your favorite pop star/movie star/rock star/television star, but you were crowned the number one fan of said pop star/movie star/rock star. It was one of the greatest feathers someone could stick in their Von Dutch trucker hat. And FANatic was one of the greatest shows to ever grace MTV.

Now, I realize that's a strong claim, but I stand by it: FANatic was as good a series as Cribs or Making the Video or Made. Don't agree? Well, why don't you take a gander at some of the videos below. I've thumbed through the MTV archives (read: I watched a boatload of YouTube videos) and picked some of my favorite FANatic moments from my favorite FANatic episodes. And I'm confident these clips will make a FANatic fanatic out of you.

If these clips don't win you over? At the very least, they will leave you muttering "AOL keyword: MTV FANatic" in your sleep. It's a win-win!

1. The Christina Aguilera Episode

The moment when... Christina Aguilera’s fan told Xtina she “has a great voice.” I see no lies. If I were to meet Xtina, I would probably say the exact same thing (and then proceed to melt into a puddle of tears).

2. The Brandy Episode

The moment when... Brandy took her nervous fan’s hand and assured her that she is “a regular person.”

3. The Blink-182 Episode

The moment when... The dudes of Blink-182 ambushed their fan, scooped him up, and carried him to a surprise concert.

4. The Spice Girls Episode

The moment when... Emma Bunton said “And have a jolly good time” in the twangiest American accent. (Honorable mention: Victoria Beckham’s glamorous strapless denim jumpsuit.)

5. The Sarah Michelle Gellar Episode

The moment when... SMG handed a giant bag of Buffy the Vampire Slayer swag from the show’s cast and crew. What. A. Dream. Come. True.

6. The Whitney Houston Episode

The moment when... Whitney Houston was asked about her love of vacuum cleaners. Without missing a beat, she replied, “I saw a new one on TV the other night that I want to get, with that thing that just whirls in the air, you don’t need any bag? I love that thing.”

...No big deal, just one of the greatest vocal talents to ever roam this planet casually nerding out about vacuums.

7. The *NSYNC Episode

The moment when... The *NSYNC guys serenaded their fan with an a cappella rendition of "Happy Birthday." What a lucky duck.

8. The Britney Spears Episode

The moment when... Britney Spears’s fan did a dance move from the “…Baby One More Time” music video and asked Britney for a critique.

9. The Hanson Episode

The moment when... The Hanson brothers told their fan that they are huge fans of his. Forever charming, those three!

10. The Backstreet Boys Episode

The moment when... What have we here? Another impromptu a cappella concert? Yet another lucky duck!

11. The TLC Episode

The moment when... All of the moments! Don't make me pick one! I won't do it!

If and when MTV releases all of FANaticon DVD, I will toss on my mesh trucker hat, chug a can of Pepsi Twist, hop on my Razor scooter, cruise on over to the nearest f.y.e., and buy a copy of the series faster than you could say "I've been missing you like candy."

Image: MTV