Should Nicki Minaj Give Her Wigs a Rest?

Three things come to mind when you think of Nicki Minaj: her voluptuous body, her rapid-fire bars and her bold collection of wigs. But what if she temporarily eliminated the multihued hair from her superstar formula? How would that affect her celebrity image... or would it? According to some recent Instagram photos in which Nicki Minaj dons her natural hair, I'd say the odds of her remaining a superstar without the wondrous weaves rest comfortably in her favor.

Judging by the photos she snapped, she looks just as sexy and confident rocking her natural hair in a ponytail and a sophisticated bun as she does when she's stepped out in some of her more unconventional looks, such as her bleached blonde bob or the half-pink, half-yellow wig she wore in the video for "Super Bass." OK, so in some of the Instagram shots she is wearing sheer lingerie and pasties, but the point is that her ordinary hair doesn't detract from her image.

Besides, there are other music mavens who ditched their wigs for natural tresses yet their powerhouse images remained intact. Take for example, Beyoncé, who elicited gasps heard 'round the world in August when she released photos of herself rocking a sexy, yet adorable pixie cut. Although she didn't sport the style for long, it was refreshing to see her without her usual diva-ish mane, and even more refreshing to realize that wearing her natural hair didn't make her any less fierce.

However, the opinions of Minaj's beloved Barbz may prove otherwise. Even though she has tons of character and talent, the wigs faithfully serve their purpose in accenting Minaj's over-the-top persona, something her fans gleefully emulate. Replicas of her wigs are even sold online. And let's face it: Celebrities' appearances must be as engaging as the talent they possess. It's all a part of their mass appeal and to keep millions buying what they're selling.

So I'll enjoy Minaj's natural look now, because like any superstar she has to the leave the people wanting more — hair, that is.

Image: Instagram/ @NickiMinaj