'Jurassic World' Will Begin Filming Soon

Hold on to your butts, because there's Jurassic World news! ARRHHGHRRRHLLL! (That’s my impression of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I know, I know. I have a gift.) There are some updates regarding the fourth installment of the dino sci-fi franchise making their way around the Internet, and you better believe we’re reading ‘em. Here’s what we know: Jurassic World will be shot on film (not digital), and filming will begin this April. YEAH! IT IS REALLY HAPPENING! The movie, which stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, will make its way to theaters in 2015. Director Colin Trevorrow tweeted that he and cinematographer John Schwartzman will be shooting the movie on 35mm and 65mm film. “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!” I screamed at the sky.

Fortunately, there are people out there who have a much stronger grasp on filmmaking lingo than I do. According to Bloody-Disgusting.com, there's a good chance 65mm = the movie could make its way to IMAX theaters. Brendon Connelly at Bleedingcool explains that while IMAX is a possibility, the use of 65mm film could also mean that they are just shooting in a widescreen format. Hey, I like IMAX and I like widescreen. It's a win either way!

Production will begin in April. They’ll be on Oahu for four weeks, and then Kauai for two. Hawaii Di-No! After Hawaii, they'll pack things up and head on over to New Orleans. Starting in June, they'll be there for 11 weeks. The movie is set to open June 12, 2015.

Here are a few things I would like from Jurassic World. I don't think these requests are out of line:


It’s one thing to see a heaping pile of dino dung. It’s another to smell it.


"Too much Jell-O" is not a real thing.

3. Raptors using cell phones

A human character would “check in” somewhere, and the Raptors would totally find them via geotagging.

4. Dino/robot hybrids

It’s been over 20 years since were introduced to the dinosaur cloning “science” of extracting dino DNA from nuggets of amber and mixing it with frog DNA. Let’s ratchet that “science” up a notch. I want to watch humans interact with a dinosaur/robot mashup. It'd be madness.

5. A meme-obsessed Triceratops

What if every time one of the Triceratops was onscreen, s/he made a visual reference to a popular meme? “Why, Kristie? WHY?” you ask. Because it’d be hilarious, that’s why. A Triceratops with a Grumpy Cat face. A Triceratops with a bunch of Goosebumps books and pigtails and a overly-excited expression. A Triceratops imitating “Starbucks Drake Hands.” Oh my god. Triceratops "Starbucks Drake Hands." I don't think I can move on from that one.

6. A T-Rex


Images: IMDB; iheartjurassicpark/tumblr; mudfleas/tumblr; fiorebambino/tumblr