The Differences Between The iPhone SE & The iPhone 5 Are Massive, Especially On The Inside

Apple unveiled its latest devices at an event on Monday, with CEO Tim Cook speaking from the company's Cupertino campus. Along with other prominent Apple figures, Cook unveiled new, aesthetically pleasing bands for the Apple Watch, as well as a small but mighty addition to Apple's tablet line with the smaller iPad Pro. The biggest announcement the tech world has been clamoring for, though, has been the latest iPhone model. The iPhone SE was unveiled on Monday and though the device is a mere 4 inches, the differences between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5 are simply massive, especially when it comes to hardware capabilities.

As was rumored, the iPhone SE shares a similar design with the iPhone 5. Its 4-inch display size marks a major difference from the iPhone 6 line, where device displays spanned as large as 5.5 inches. The iPhone SE's screen is slightly rounded with a chamfered edge, so it seems to be a hybrid of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 designs. What sets the iPhone SE apart from the 4" iPhone 5, though, is its lightning fast A9 processor as well as its Apple Pay capabilities. The phone includes a touch sensor as well as near field communication (NFC) support, which helps things like Apple Pay work.

A smaller design appears to be the primary focus of Apple, whose newly unveiled smaller iPad Pro is similarly scaled back from its predecessor. It's not the size of the device that appears to count but rather what's inside. The iPhone SE features that vary greatly from the iPhone 5 include a boosted LTE and an always-on "Hey, Siri." Apple VP Greg Joswiak hailed the iPhone SE as the most advanced and powerful 4-inch phone on the market. Its graphic capabilities are three times faster than that of the iPhone 5S, and the iPhone SE's LTE capabilities are twice as speedy.

Even bigger news is on the horizon for Apple in addition to Monday's Let Us Loop You In event, however. The company is reportedly set to unveil yet another iPhone in September. Rumored to be called the iPhone 7, the unreleased device will reportedly cater to fans of phablets and larger smartphones. The iPhone 7 will reportedly also include a Plus model even larger in size than the iPhone SE. In that regard, it appears as if Apple will offer something for everyone by the time its next line of smartphones hit shelves in the fall.

Image: Screenshot/Apple (1)