One Step Styles For Thin Hair That Will Give You Some Volume — VIDEOS

Ladies with fine hair (like yours truly) sometimes need a little extra help when it comes to styling. Be honest, as a thin-haired girl growing up didn't you always dream of having that amazing Tangled hair all the Disney princesses rocked? Did you not envy the laments of your friends who complained about having too much? I know I did. I could have used these one-step hairstyles for thin hair back then. Maybe if I'd had some tricks up my sleeve I would have learned to appreciate my own locks earlier in life.

Despite the fact that I didn't always appreciate my strands for what they were, I've always loved watching hair tutorials on YouTube. There is something meditative about watching other people beautifully and creatively plait hair that looked like mine. But, with the curse of eternally shaky hands, I could really only watch rather than do. Every time I even tried a single regular braid it was a struggle of twisting and turning my arms in different directions. I'd either try until I got it or tire myself out and completely give up.

So, in the spirit of not giving up and also not dying trying, here are some great one step (or close to one step!) tutorials for thin hair. I promise that easy yet adorable hair looks are out there!

1. Beach Waves

Women’s ROGAINE® Brand on YouTube

These beachy waves are not just for the gorgeous maned Blake Lively. You can easily rock them at home.

2. Katniss Everdeen Braids

Julia Graf on YouTube

These voluminous braids make sure you too can fight for your life in The Hunger Games if you want.

3. Perfect Messy Bun

Abby Hayden on YouTube

No more donuts to fake thickness with this 'do.

4. Half Up, Half Down

These part up, part down, styles are sure to match your high-low skirt!

5. Everyday Volume

For the every day, quick, breezy, look!

6. Twisty Up 'Do For Natural Hair

Monae Artistry's Hair and Makeup Blog on YouTube

For natural hair ladies who need a boost!

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