Wait, Are Justin & Selena Back On?

by Chloe Kent

Justin Bieber reminded Jelena fans what they've all been missing out on when he Instagrammed a throwback of him and Selena Gomez on Saturday. Captioned with the simple title, "Feels," the picture shows the former couple kissing in bathing suits and sunglasses before what appears to be a tropical landscape.To no surprise, the snap has, thus far, accrued over 2.4 million likes, and according to Hollywood Life, one of those likes allegedly came from Gomez herself — meaning that perhaps, the duo could be heading towards a reunion.

Although it is unlikely. Bieber's photo comes on the heels of Gomez's confession earlier this month that she is the only single member of her girl squad. So unless she was lying to us all or things have changed drastically in just a few weeks' time, it seems doubtful that she's back together with Bieber; in all likelihood, he's just missing her and posting a photo to reminisce on the times they had together. Still, any sign of their romance re-occuring is bound to send Jelena fans into a tizzy.

Perhaps the photo simply means that the two are on good terms these days. Although the singers have been on and off more times than anyone could count, they've have typically had only good things to say about each other in interviews. This past September, for instance, Gomez told Elle about Bieber, "I'll forever support him and love him." And earlier this year, Bieber denounced rumors of a rekindled romance when he told GQ that he was not only not looking for a girlfriend at the moment, but that he and Gomez "don’t talk often. We’re cordial. If she needs something, I’m there for her. If I need something, she’s there for me.”

Yet despite the fact that ample time has passed since the two went their separate ways, this weekend's photo can't help but make it seem like the Biebz isn't fully over Gomez quite yet. Both singers have relied on Instagram to document their relationship over the years, with their accounts having showcased each breakup and reunion, from Gomez, in 2012, posting a photo of herself at a gun range with a caption — "Released some stress today" — that implied a breakup with Bieber to a post in 2013 on Bieber's Instagram that confirmed the two celebrated July 4 together. Yet for many months before this weekend, Bieber's Instagram, which is cluttered with mostly selfies with friends and odes to his favorite wrestlers, hadn't shown any signs of him not being over Gomez, so it's a big surprise to see the throwback's appearance.

Could it be that the photo is a white flag of sorts? A declaration of love? A cry for attention? The world may never know. Yet as much as I, and I know many others, would love to see Jelena reunite, based off of everything the two have been saying in interviews and on Instagram, my money's on the photo simply being a throwback, not a sign of an impending reunion.