Remember These Weird 'Gilmore Girls' Quotes?

Gilmore Girls is beloved for many things: employing beautiful actors with insanely good hair, taking place in a small Connecticut town that throws quirky festivals for every holiday, and copious cups of coffee (but only at Luke's Diner, of course). But the one thing the series is best remembered for is its fast-paced dialogue and many pop culture references. Sometimes it was pretty difficult to keep up with everything the characters said, but with the revival coming soon, it's time for fans to really bone up on their knowledge of all things Gilmore. That means revisiting all of the show's best lines — including some very, very strange Gilmore Girls quotes.

While you might remember the show's lines simply for being sweet or funny, plenty of quotes from Gilmore Girls range from the absurd to the totally insane (to "furiously typing into Google to figure this obscure reference out"). But that's part of the fun, of course; if you didn't have to struggle to keep up with your favorite blue-eyed gals, you wouldn't find them so lovable. The following are 11 of the wackiest quotes ever said on Gilmore Girls.

1. "When A Woman Gives Birth To A Crack Baby, You Do Not Buy Her A Puppy" -Emily

Nobody actually understands what this means. In fact, right after Emily says it, Lorelai replies, with much disdain in her voice, "What. Does that mean?"

2. "Oy With The Poodles Already" -Lorelai

What poodles? Where are they? Are poodles problems? I'm so confused by this now-iconic line.

3. "It's Cold And Gray, Like A Fat, Dead Pigeon" -Michel

Whose mind jumps from the weather being bad to a deceased pigeon? Only Michel understands this one.

4."This Great Man Was Not Brought Down By My Vagina" -Paris

Paris is talking about coitus with her elderly boyfriend, Asher. But out of context, this line is insane.

5." I'm Attracted To Pie. It Doesn't Mean I Feel I Need To Date Pie." -Lorelai

This is a totally weird thing to say, and yet I can completely relate.

6. "Close Your Eyes And Think Of England" -Rory

Apparently this is something to do when you've got stage fright. I'm not sure why.

7. "Maybe I Can Get Her To Say Cat Kirk When She's Calling Kirk and Human Kirk When She's Calling Me." -Kirk

Even for Kirk, this line is crazy.

8. "The 'Golgi Body'? I Mean, Is It Just Me Or Is That Majorly Pornographic?" -Madeline

It's just you.

9. "I've Already Gone Through The Five States of Grieving... Denial, Anger... I Don't Remember These Two But They Were Served On The Rocks With Salt." -Sookie

AP Psychology was a long time ago, but I'm reasonably sure this is not quite accurate.

10. "I Suppose I Shall Just Put These Nuts In My Hand" -Trix

R-rated jokes aside, this is ridiculous because Trix does not understand how to eat nuts without a bowl, apparently.

11. "The Only Bright Side Of My Day Is Being Asked To Be A Prostitute." -Lorelai

Yeah, that's rough.

I can't wait to hear what comes out of the Gilmore fam's zany mouths in the revival.

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