8 Summer Clothes You Wore To Camp In The '90s

by Eliza Florendo

Two things define our childhood more than anything: Camp and the '90s. So much so that when you look at what you wore to camp, like a familiar t-shirt or friendship bracelet, you're immediately taken back to the time when camp counselors were the coolest people you knew, and your days were filled with de-crusted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Your day probably started off like this: Waking up to the sound of your mother rousing you up, eating a bowl of insanely sugary (and insanely delicious) cereal, grabbing your packed lunch, and getting dropped off at school for summer camp, where you spent the entirety of your day. P.S., how did we live before the advent of iPhones?

Depending on the camp you went to, water activities were usually involved, and the smell of sunscreen, to this day, will always remind me of the YMCA. You played awkward ice breakers, clung desperately on to your few friends, and ran around until you were exhausted enough for your parents to pick you up. Vacation for them, seriously.

Or, maybe you were stuck at sleep away camp for months. Either way, there were definitely some staples that repeated themselves. If you were a '90s kid and a frequent camper, you'll definitely remember these must-haves that you wore day in and day out.

1. Friendship Bracelets

You definitely at least made these during camp. Gotta work those fine motor skills! The best part about making these cutesy bracelets was rocking them all summer and school year long, though.

2. Bandanas

I mean, this was the ultimate cool-girl look.

3. Tevas

How else would you get through all of your outdoor adventures in the summer?

4. Baseball Caps

Backwards like this, too? Hell yeah.

5. Oversized Tee

Who had time to bother with fitted shirts when you were busy playing games?

6. Zip Off Pants

Rainy day? These were the JAM. Zip off when you're too hot, and you're ready for anything.

7. Lip Smackers

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Lip Smackers were ON.

8. Hemp Necklaces

You know these necklaces like you know the back of your hand. They were too dope.

8. A Cool Pair Of Shades

With a varsity jacket? I'm slayed. But for real, I stole my older sister's pair of sunglasses that I coveted for years.

Love it or hate it, camp was ingrained into most of our childhood and adolescence, and probably had so much influence on the people we've turned out to be. Sleep away, day, co-ed, or all-girls, there were certain staples that will always remind us of those long summer days.

Images: Walt Disney, Dualstar, Witt-Thomas-Harris Productions, Cookie Jar Group