How Much The iPhone SE Costs

The new iPhone is almost here, and it's not the iPhone 7, which is set for release in September 2016. This model in question is the iPhone SE, which will launch in the spring, and serve as a smaller, cheaper device comparable to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6S models. As Apple has announced, this is only in function, however, as it will look similar to an iPhone 5 in size and shape more than it will resemble the iPhone 6. Unusual idea for an in-between model, huh? So now that the size and look are determined, what is the cost of the Apple iPhone SE? $399.

For starters, it's certainly less expensive than the upcoming iPhone 7. Because it's an intermediary device, it will serve as an upgrade for folks who don't want to pay crazy iPhone 7 prices, but who still wish to have access to the latest technology. Everyone who uses Apple products knows how quickly the new fades into the passé, so this model allows users who don't have expendable income and simply want a new Apple smartphone to acquire one at a reasonable price. $399 is not bad, right?

The advent of the iPhone SE could spawn a new crowd of iPhone users who are less particular about details, less rushed to have the next big thing, and overall a more pragmatic Apple user. Often, Apple customers. tend to seek the newest technology as soon as it's available. (Those early-morning lines speak for themselves. Yikes.) Yet, this phone could actually introduce a new generation of iPhone users.

Think about it. Instead of pushing a budgeted consumer seeking a smartphone at a discounted price toward the older models of iPhone, consultants at Apple, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or wherever can now direct these customers toward a model that is up-to-date, not out-of-date. As someone who has purchased an older model of iPhone to save money, I have felt the frustration of slower Internet connection without the newer LTE Advanced technology, and even slower WiFi connection. No longer will this happen! A consumer will now have the option to choose between a new, budget-friendlier iPhone, or an older model for even cheaper.

This is major reason for excitement, iPhone fans.