Will Ben Higgins Guest Star On 'DWTS'?

On The Bachelor, first comes love, then comes the engagement, and then comes the appearance on Dancing with the Stars? But that might not be the case for Ben Higgins, who recently turned down the opportunity to compete on the long-running ABC dancing competition show, according to Variety. But will Ben Higgins perhaps guest star on Dancing with the Stars , just for an episode or two? There's been no official word on that, but Ben and his new fiance Lauren told Variety that they want to concentrate on being, you know, a normal couple post- Bachelor , and that they will be watching DWTS this season.

"Was I asked? I’m sure it was talked about," Ben said to Variety. "My focus is not on what’s next. It’s on Lauren and I. Any decision that was made post show was based on what was best for us, and I believe that what’s best for us is to really concentrate on what’s best for us and to really spend as much time together as possible." On the Today Show, Ben and Lauren said they were excited to do normal things, like grocery shopping. It's a far cry from the glamour and roses of The Bachelor.

But if Ben were to make a special guest appearance on DWTS this season, here's what I think he could theoretically bring to the show.

His Enthusiasm

If there's anything Ben has always brought to The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, it's is sparkling enthusiasm. He's always game to take on new and daring challenges. I mean, the guy even sounded enthusiastic about grocery shopping with his future wife.

His Reality Show Experience

After being on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Ben is pretty much a reality TV pro at this point. He could definitely bring that experience to the dance floor — or as a coach.

His Encouragement

Even when times in the house got tough, Ben was always there to encourage the women vying for his heart to stick it out and keep going, because you never know where fate will lead when it comes to matters of the heart. Bonus: he's great at listening and being supportive.

His Sense Of Fun

Like I said, Ben is the kind of guy who's always has a good time with most of the things thrown at him and I think he could really have fun on DWTS as a guest — and he'd be cool with whatever challenges they throw at him, whether it's on the dance floor or at practice.

His Smile

Now that this season of The Bachelor is over, we won't be seeing this on TV for a long time. Sadface.

He'd Tell Everyone He Loves Them

Sorry about this low blow, but I had to. After getting into hot water for telling multiple women he loved them on The Bachelor, he could just say those three little words to everyone on the show (as a joke) and have fun with it.

But in the end, we all know his heart really belongs to Lauren.