Why The New iPhone Is Called The SE

Apple's newest addition to its iPhone line is here: the iPhone SE has finally arrived, and the name is already causing some tech fans used to the established naming conventions of Apple's smartphone product to be scratching their heads. Why is the new iPhone called SE, completely dropping a generation-identifying number to use in the name, as with previous releases?

The answer is made up of a few parts. SE stands for "Special Edition" and is a hybrid between the fifth and sixth generation of iPhone. It is unlikely that Apple would want to release a new version of the iPhone 5 when the iPhone 7 is anticipated to arrive in about six months. With all of the upgrades made to the model, including a faster processor and higher resolution camera, the product is being hailed by some as having an "iPhone 6 brain in an iPhone 5 body."

Branding the device as the SE instead of tagging a number to it allows it to also appeal to iPhone 6 customers who are looking to downgrade, sizewise, to a more manageable device without sacrificing the speed that they have become accustomed to.

By placing its newest product offering between their two existing generational lines, Apple is essentially satisfying two markets with one device. Whether or not the SE will become a bestseller is another question entirely.


For Apple devotees looking for a smaller, faster iPhone than the newest models out on the market, the iPhone SE might be worth taking a look at. It is possible that going back to a more petite screen could be a much more ergonomic, and practical choice for some users.